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Fishkeeping- Addictive! What's your story?

I've always wanted a fish tank. When I was a kid, I won a Goldfish at a school Halloween party. My folks kept it in a bowl, something I would never do now. His name was Swimmy, he lived for 7 years, in a bowl. Amazing considering.

A year and two months ago, I bought a 20 gallon. It was then I started to really learn about the hobby, and the complexity that comes with it. Then I got a 10 gallon. Then I had a couple of Bettas for a while, then 'upgraded' to a 5.5 gallon shrimp tank, its cycling now, no shrimp yet.

It seems to never end. I have to make it a point, every time I visit a fish store, not to look at the new 125 gallon tanks, or I'll end up with it in the back of my car lol!

I feel like a kid in a candy store at the LFS! I always want more! More tanks! More fish! More plants! I can't stop, lol! I'm running out of places to put them, lol! Soon my whole house will be full of tanks, lol! I'll have to quit my job so I can take care of my tanks!! LOL!!

What's your story? How do you feel about the hobby?

I get along better with my fish, than most people.
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Hahahahahaha I feel the same, my girl says I should attend fish keeps anonymous. ("hello, my name is John, and I'm addicted to fish...") I was 10 years old and one a goldfish at a carnival ring toss game. Only game Iv ever really want st a cranidal other than the water gun gsme. That suck got to be 3 or 4 inches big, fat as hell and three years old. My little brothers were six at the time and decided my tank needed to be
Redecorated. Bastards dropped a big ol
Rock on him. 2 years later my dad decided to set his old 30 gallon up. I loved they tank. We had numerous sharks, they were so cool cuz i could go to school and say I owned sharks. That was cooler then a tiger hahaha. My brothers fried the poor things. So needless to say we never had another tank because of my little brothers. Now at 21 years old, Iv taken my fathers 55 and started that up. Boy never seen something so simple spark a mean old grump 65 year olds eyes right up. I don't know if I took that to heart or if I just love to watch them ( probably spend a good hour to two a day watching them) that makes me love buying them. But I take a good iour in the lfs every time I go. My girlfriend blames herself because of the Betta she started this entire thing over. Haha but yea thats my story.
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Tetra, I think we all started out with goldfish. I remember having two goldfish in a 10 gal when I was like 9. Of course they died (sad for a young child who loves animals).

I've been in the hobby for about 5 years now. Four of those were in college, so I had to make trips home weekly to do water changes. It all started with a high school senior project of trying to teach fish to swim a maze. They were koi. It didn't work. I ended up putting them in a 4000 gal pond in my backyard. I had a betta in a 5 gal with me in the dorms. When I moved into an apartment I first had a 10 gal with mosquitofish that then went into my pond and then I had a 29 gal with black kuhli loaches. Those loaches are still with me (and were actually walmart rescues!).

Now that I've graduated and looking for work I've still got the pond, the 55 gal (now with goldfish), 2 divided 10 gals for bettas, and I'm working on making my 29 gal with loaches into my first community tank. I've got nothing against community tanks, it's just that all of my favorite species (koi, goldfish, bettas) are best kept alone.

I've always had live plants in with my fish, but they've always been plants that are impossible to kill like anubias. I'm slowly working my way into more fragile plants like water sprite. By which I mean I got grow bulbs. But I don't think I'll ever want to try anything too fancy like CO2 or NPTs. For me plants are a means to an end.

That's my story! I'm curious to hear the stories of others!


Sitting by the koi pond

writings on fish and fishkeeping

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hex yeah

fish are one of the most facinating livingthings in the world cant get enough.

think FISH
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My story, to my addiction. I've always been a big animal lover, but never had interest in fish. One year ago, I was working on a level pay change for work, and working hard on a portfolio. I'm from So. California, and because of getting married, ended up in 1998 moving to Arizona, which took us to Albuquerque. So, I decided, I miss the water and need a little "ocean" and relaxation in my house - No salt, of course :) to get me through this ridiculous process of work at home on weekends and evenings.

So, with a Christmas gift card on Amazon, spent money for accessories, and bought a tank on Craigslist. Now, I love going to fish stores, looking at fish etc. I really enjoy my tanks!

It is a fun hobby and is addictive!


Just because animals can't talk, does not mean they should not be heard
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Cool stories folks! Keep 'em coming, they're fun to read! :)

I get along better with my fish, than most people.
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My first real encounter with a fish tank started when my baby daughter went into hospital for heart surgery in 1994 and there in the corner of the parents room was a tropical fish tank. I spent ages gazing at this tank trying to forget my worries. My daughter sadly passed away during surgery and over all those years grieving that fish tank always reappeared in my mind. Over all this time I've dreamed of getting one but going on to have 4 boys I felt I was always waiting for the right time to get a tank of my own. Anyway last year was finally the 'right time' , I started with a 15 gallon tank and took my boys to the LFS to choose a fish (now I realise these fish probably shouldn't be living together!!!). Now I have a Glorious 50 gallon cichlid tank in the lounge ( my pride and joy), a 6 gallon is in the kitchen, my 9 year old has a 15 in his room and my 14 year old wants a Biorb tank. I gotta thank Hannah my gorgeous lost daughter for getting me into this wonderful hobby. And yes, My name is Lisa and I Am Addicted to Fish.
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We started with a betta because we thought our daughter might like watching it. She always liked animals but living in an apartment other animals weren't really a possibility. It died a couple months later because of the horrible care we provided it. We got another one later but wanted to not kill it this time,so we did a bit of research first. Apparently a filter is a good thing. Who knew Now we have a 80g 75g 65g 35g 2x20g and a 5g.. oh yeah and just filled up a custom made 60g, and another 20g, our first sand tank.

Looking into breeding some fish now to make some extra money. See how that goes.
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