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Fish Tank TV: Peruville

This is a discussion on Fish Tank TV: Peruville within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> sands in the substrate, so are the fish of our time... In this episode the young sunset mickey mouse platys are chasing each ...

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Fish Tank TV: Peruville
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Fish Tank TV: Peruville sands in the substrate, so are the fish of our time...

In this episode the young sunset mickey mouse platys are chasing each other around at lightning speed. It is unclear if they are copying the neon tetras, mating, or on a quest for tank boss. Their mothers just tolerate their shenanigans. Speaking of mothers, the two red wag mothers have been very good. One has put on a bit of girth which may or may not be a good thing. She's now on the fish atkins diet. One of the sunset mickey mouse platy mothers has been looking poorly as of late. Unlike all the others that seem happy, healthy and growing, she has her fins slightly clamped and seems a bit off her feed.

On the neon tetra front (you may recall in a previous episode one was lost to the dreaded neon tetra disease) one has a telltale spot of yellow in his red tail. We're watching him closely to see if his condition worsens.

One of the very young sunset mickey mouse platys was seen attached to the filter inlet tube. We feared he had gone "into the light", but when we unplugged the filter, he swam off.

The black molly has been sickly. He's prone to some recurring fungus problems that we just let nature take it's course. He's looking really good and spry these days so we're encouraged.

Until next time.

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LOL I love this show. ; )
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