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Question Fish suggestions?

Recently picked up this 20g tank and I have no idea what else I want to put in it besides white ghost cats for sure.

Do you guys have any suggestions? I already have two other tanks set up that includes guppies, mollies, platys and danios and I'd like something a little different.

I'm planning on getting some moss to anchor to the drift wood.
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I'd say maybe some tetras. But in the end its all up to you

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A nice school of Black Ruby Barbs!
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I remember you saying you had hard water. Have you looked into asian rummynose? Or something like emerald dwarf rasbora? Both are small beautiful fish that do well in hard water.


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If you're live bearers are doing well ghost catfish will not. The water parameters are on opposite ends.

Do you know the hardness of your water?
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Agree, we need to know the GH and pH of the source water.

This is a very tall tank so the sort of fish you want to be considering (once we have the water params) are quiet non-active types. Active swimmers like all the barbs, danio, some characins (tetra) are not suited to this. But there are a lot of "browsers" that would be.

I would try that wood on end. Tall swords like Echinodorus cordifolius would be ideal here, maybe one sort of behind the wood once it is vertical. Depending upon the water params, Vallisneria would work as it grows tall as grass-like. Floating Water Sprite.

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