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Fish species with the best personalities?

Well as you can probably tell from my signature I'm a betta addict . However, I'd like to someday broaden the number of species that I keep. Mostly the reason that I have all bettas is because I love fish with unique personalities that will interact with me. I have kept cories in the past, but they mostly hid and were afraid of me. I don't want livebearers because I've had problems with them overpopulating tanks. Tetras are cute but they didn't seem all that interested in me or anything outside of the tank for that matter. I could be wrong about these guys though, because I had them when I was younger before I really started fishkeeping as a hobby.

At any rate, I'd love to know if you guys know of any other fish with great personalities. I'd like my next tank to be a species only tank so that I can accomodate what ever I get perfectly. Any imput would be appreciated . Thanks.

20 gallon long: 3 adult Neolamprologus similis + about 11 fry of various ages; low light planted tank
20 gallon long:2 freshwater dwarf puffers (Puff Puff and Poofer); medium-light planted tank
10 gallon: 1 male betta named Wormy; low light planted tank
10 gallon: 1 male betta named Dante; low light planted tank
2, 5.5 gallon tanks that are currently empty (I see more fish on the horizon )
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How about fancy goldfish? So many different types and they all have very unique personalities.
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african cichlids the mbuna's they are a great fish. They are very easy to take care of.
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Dwarf Puffer
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My all-time favorite fish is the red-tailed black shark (freshwater). They have a somewhat bad reputation as being aggressive tank bullies, but, if kept properly, they are actually kinda shy and easy to keep. Also, they get to know their keepers well--I used to have one that would eat out of my hand.

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I too had a fancy goldfish for 9 years, he was like part of the family, very personal......
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My Senegal Bichir is very much aware of me, and sometimes appears to be watching television when I do...

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8) 55 gallon w/ Senegal Bichir and large Pleco, EcoComplete w/ Anubias, Eheim 2213, and 30 watts of lighting.

8) 75 gallon w/ Cardinal, Serpae and Black Skirt tetras, cories, danios, Pearl gouramis and yoyo loaches, EcoComplete heavily planted with Anubias, Eheim 2215, and 30 watts of lighting.
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My two Boesmani Rainbows will always hang out with me at the front of the tank.

After them, my green Tiger Barbs are quite the attention seekers.

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i would have to say oscars hands down...

Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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Originally Posted by Rohland View Post
i would have to say oscars hands down...
strongly agree
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