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Fish or Snail Eggs

A few days ago I saw a group of white specks on the glass. When I touched them, they were soft. They are about 1/16th inch. The only fish suspect are the six ottos and six albino cats. The rest of my fish are male. Now I have eggs on two of my anubias and they are being laid on all four sides of the glass.
If they could be snail eggs; then why is it I never see the snails? And if they are snail eggs, then I suppose I should harvest them before they hatch?

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Either or both fish mentioned will readily spoawn in aquaria, and both lay the eggs on surfaces. A photo would help, but I would be fairly certain this is what you are seeing. Snail eggs appearing without snails is not possible; the eggs might come in on plants, but they would not be appearing on the glass without snails to lay them. Plus they are considerably smaller, usually invisible except for the blob of what looks like gelatin. The eggs of corys and otos are similar, about 1/16 inch, and white initially then darkeneing as they develop.

Corys will lay their eggs randomly on the glass, on plant leaves (upper or lower side), even on filter stems. Usually they will be laid as one, two, three or more in one spot, then others elsewhere. The female deposits each fertilized egg individually, after having cleaned the spot as she holds the fertilized egg in a pouch formed by her two pelvin fins; the male(s) will usually be with her. Spawning often occurs in very early morning before the tank lights go on, so may go unnoticed untill you see eggs.

Otos lay very similar-looking eggs, and reports indicate they spawn in much the same manner. I have had oto fry appear in some of my tanks, though I've never witnessed the actual spawning or eggs. I have had and have seen corys spawning.


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I went ahead and siphon them out. They did not come off the glass easily but a little perserverance did the job. before I started I did a better visual and found more on my swords and crypts. All these eggs were laid overnight. I am glad they are fish eggs.
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