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Originally Posted by Adalheidis View Post
I was at Walmart the other day to pick up some fish food...

There was a completely flattened little fish on the floor. Paper thin. Obviously dead, walked on, rolled over...
I know what you mean about Walmart! How gross! And who wasn't disgusted to find out they just stepped on a fish? You have to feel SOMETHING. (Then again, people have managed to get trampled before. How the heck do you not notice A HUMAN BODY LYING UNDERNEATH YOU?!?!) At Walmart once I saw a moor (I've always thought they were cool little guys; unfortunately, I have a tropical fish tank so can't get any) with a REALLY messed up eye. You know how those things have entirely black eyes? Well, that was completely off of the one eye. It was stringy white stuff on it. I don't know much about fish diseases, so I don't know if it was a disease or if that's just what you find under a moor's eye. It was nasty, but I still kind of found it awesome. Not awesome that he was suffering, but I'm a pre-physician assistant major. I'm that person that when you get some weird infection or injury I go "That looks awesome!"

Originally Posted by herbwin View Post
The nearest to a fish rescue I can think of was when I was buying a small breed pleco, while waiting to get him bagged we noticed he only had one eye! He was otherwise healthy, it was a birth defect or a very old injury and fully healed. The fish guy offered a discount, half as a joke I think, but I took it! I would have payed full price anyway. He turned out to be quite a charactor and we had him for many years. :)
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I took a pleco from my dad's aquarium and I think he might've been blind in one eye! The one eye was completely black. He was a cool, very active little pleco. I just loved watching him. R.I.P. little guy. :(

My opinion on the topic: To be honest, I'm one of those generally informed people who doesn't make an effort. It's not that I don't care, it's just not my main priority. Mine is usually human health care. Considering what I've mentioned above. So, like, I care about the environment, but I don't do everything I can possibly do to save it. Mostly I just do little things, like recycle, you know? But I digress. This is merely to describe my general take on important issues.

So I'm one of those people who thinks Walmart sucks ethically but shops there anyway. And other than a local store which has moved to I don't know where, the stores nearest me are Walmart, Meijers (like Walmart but it's regional), and some pet chain store. I am not sure which one. I've never checked out the fish there and have only been there a few times, but it's still the chain, so it's not like it's any better. As someone else mentioned, even if the fish are well treated there, you still give your money to corporate. It's like if one Walmart started paying all their employees $15 an hour and gave them health care (Hah! Like that will ever happen)... you're still giving your money to the same CEO. So it's still not good to shop there. So unfortunately, since I don't know of very many pet stores in the area, I pretty much have to shop at these places. So all the fish in my community tank are Walmart fish. My betta is a Meijer fish, which isn't any better, although I did think it was great that their cups were a little taller, thus giving them slightly more water than Walmart does. Still, like Walmart, half the bettas were dead. So they're no better. And I still shop at Walmart because at least the prices are better.

Now, let's look at my logical analysis of this, ignoring ethics and emotion:

Thing is, I can understand them overstuffing the tanks with fish. It sucks, yes, but if they made enough room for all their fish, they'd take up a lot of room. And you want to have enough in stock so that you never run out. Especially since these are supposed to be temporary homes anyway. Thing is, they should make sure these fish stay HEALTHY and happy while they're there. And I don't get why they wouldn't. If the fish gets sick, you pretty much have to let them die, because if you treated every fish that got sick it wouldn't be worth how much you sell him for. Unless if it was some really rare, valuable fish. (Although I'd still recommend quarantine for the sick fish so you wouldn't get all the healthy fish sick, thus, you lose money on the whole tank). I would think making sure they were all healthy would give the companies the most profits. Think about it. If a fish dies, you lose that money. If a fish lives, even if he stays there for years (maybe no one picked him; unprobable, but likely if they all look the same), he's still a fish in stock for you to sell. You may have spent more money on food over the years than what you sell him for, but you would have still been spending that money anyway as the next stock would have eaten it anyway. If he died, you have to pay for a new fish to take his place and lose the profit on the one who died. So I just don't understand why no major chain seems to invest in making sure their fish stay healthy.

I think the biggest issue is the bettas, though. Those tiny cups! At least save a few by putting them in tanks with compatible fish, but none go in there. They could even have a sorority tank, but no, the females are in the cups too.

For the record, I will never knowingly buy a sick fish. You spend money on the fish, and then on all the chemicals, and quite often they're too far advanced to save anyway. Then you have all that money out the window and wasted time.

And if I had an option to buy from a company that takes good care of the fish and sells them for a reasonable price, I would do it if I knew about it. But for now, the Walmart fish have actually worked pretty well for me. I always pick out healthy fish and so far any fish that I've gotten from there have not been infected or infected any other fish; any fishy deaths were my own fault, unfortunately. :(

I hope this makes sense. It's 3:15am and I'm not even bothering to proofread this novel. lol
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