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Originally Posted by Fishin Pole View Post
I personally wouldnt rescue fish from any chain store, like another member said, its just promoting the bad fish rearing tactics to continue..........This is what i do when i walk into a NEW store (New to me).........I act completely stupid about fish..........See what they reccomend and how i should proceed with setting up a tank........I tried this at the only place in my town that sells fish (never bought there before)...I walked in there and told them i was thinking about getting a betta for my girlfriend, the employee tried to tell me a 3 gallon tank is more than large enough for a betta and 3 goldfish..........I played stupid and told him i would think about it.........I have never been back there to buy anything, not even feeder fish!.......The sad part is, there tanks didnt look that bad, but some of there combinations of fish together, just made me cry...........They had buenos aries tetras (Known fin nippers) in with small angelfish, adn some of the angels looked stressed, to say the least!
I had a worker try to sell me a pleco for a 2.5 gal tank before!
Yeah, no thanks I think a Mystery Snail is fine...

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My local Petco will only sell freshwater fish. When I was there, the fish looked healthy, but the Beta's. They had them in the dreaded cup, and on an end cap shelf. They all looked unhappy and not very active. I really wish they would stop the cup, and let them swim in a tank. Use the cup only for transport, not a bowl to swim in.

Normal is a setting on a dryer
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I was at Walmart the other day to pick up some fish food...

There was a completely flattened little fish on the floor. Paper thin. Obviously dead, walked on, rolled over...
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To be honest, it's really hard for me to walk past a fish (or any animal for that matter) that's in trouble and not try to help it, but I've been trying to restrict myself from "rescuing" any of them even if just for the reason of preserving the health of my own tank.

Not to mention I'd spend a fortune if I was to purchase all of them full price. Just the little neon tetras themselves at my local Pet Supplies Plus are over $2, so buying a healthy school of them ends up being a bit expensive to the average person that doesn't know any better and just wants a bit of added colour to their home aquarium. I ended up buying a school of them not to long ago and unfortunately one died by the time I got home before I even had the chance to float the bag (which took me less than five minutes from check-out). The others I had mixed results with.

And then when they do offer 2 for 1 deals or something, it's always fish like redtail sharks. In other words, fish that you should keep one of in most cases. I'd like to see the day when they offer sales like that on schooling fish.

I will admit I was a bit impressed last time I went seeing when I got the neons I was also going to get a small gourami, but the worker that was netting the fish for me commented on how he didn't think keeping a fish from the "semi-aggressive" group of tanks with the "community tanks" was a good idea. My dad and I have always kept the smaller gouramis with the more peaceful tetras with no issues, but I was caught off guard and doubted the decision so I avoided getting it for the time being. A bit of research later, it seems there would have been no issues at all with pairing the species so I'll probably go back after I finish planting my tank to get one, but that was the first time any worker in the fish department had ever said something that wasn't purely to encourage a sale, and I told him as much.

My experience with Pet Supplies Plus in general has always been sort of mixed. There have been weeks when I've gone in and the tanks were completely riddled with disease, and there have been weeks where almost all the fish look healthy and vibrant. We've also ordered fish through them before (such as an Atlantic Stingray my dad wanted as well as a type of Amazon stingray a couple years after) and the fish that we order directly have always been in fantastic health, so I'm wondering if the special orders come through more reputable distributors.

I'm probably going to start getting my fish from Agway when I can though. I've always been extremely happy with how their tanks looked, and while it is sort of a chain company, the local one is owned by someone locally (the dad of a girl I graduated with actually). I got my clown pleco from them, and he has just been an absolute doll, plus their prices are a bit fairer.

I can't comment on Petco though. We just had one put in, and I've only been in once to look at aquarium lights and heaters/filters. Most of their tanks seemed to be reasonably healthy (even the saltwater ones), but I didn't get a good look at them seeing my attentions were focused elsewhere. However, they did have the bettas in the cups and they were stacked several rows high (which I couldn't help but wonder what would happen to the poor little guy that's stuck on the bottom in the back). Some looked pretty healthy, but others... not so much.

Unfortunately I don't have a truly local fish store anywhere close by. There was one my dad would always go to, but it's quite a drive away and I think it ended up closing down (which was a real shame... we got our chameleons from there when we had them and their tanks looked like display tanks in and of themselves). Either way, my choices are a bit limited.

Lol, I think I rambled a bit though. Oh the faults of typing out thoughts as they come to mind xD
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For those who work at Petco or some other big chain, is there any way that you guys can change who the supplier is? I know some of you have said that you are dependent on the supplier but.. if you keep getting bad fish it really doesn't help the business..
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What would changing a supplier do? Yes there are times when the supplier does not treat the animals correctly. Petsmart, Petco, and some of the ma and pa stores all use the same supplier and each store's stock is amazingly different. Yes, fish will die in transit, and unfortunately it is unavoidable. The difference between the quality of the stores is what each individual store does after they receive the fish.
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Originally Posted by mommyandkids View Post
My local Petco will only sell freshwater fish. When I was there, the fish looked healthy, but the Beta's. They had them in the dreaded cup, and on an end cap shelf. They all looked unhappy and not very active. I really wish they would stop the cup, and let them swim in a tank. Use the cup only for transport, not a bowl to swim in.
Well I think all the petcos do that, it's really sad, and once there was a dead oranda that was allowed to just sit at the bottom of a community tank for hours. I pointed it out and got the brushoff
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Guess I have a simi-lucky story then. I have a friend who is a total fish addict (I blame her for my new obsesion! XD). I was trying to figure out the price of starting my own. She told me how some things can be bought cheeper at Walmart (like filters), so I went. I didn't even know they had a single fish! They just had Bettas, but they were so pitiful looking, I called management and raised cane. When she blew me off, I called corporate. Lots of fussing later, I got a fish and a Walmart card for my trouble.

I went back a week later and the fish looked no better which really bummed me out.
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I'm surprised to hear your local Walmart still sells Betta fish. The Walmart in my town stopped carrying them several months ago, thank goodness. Unfortunately they probably stopped carrying them because people were putting them in the freezers. I really just don't understand people.

And I understand a lot of people's situation. I have three LFS in my area. One has been there for ages and I really love the girl who works there, but the actual owner is a psycho, and refuses to pay for nicer facilities. So the fish and animals really suffer, even though the girl tries her best to keep it all maintained on her own. I ask her for advice but I'm always cautious about the fish. And she only has about 5 Betta fish at a time, and they all get put in a tank with other compatible fish, which I really like that she does.

The second store has actually really nice tanks, but the woman who works there freaks me out. And then the third store is a complete fish store with just fish and supplies, and the tanks are actually pretty bad. Several of the Koi have defects, and there's usually one of two fish per tank with some kind of disease/defect. He has an entire tank of mixed gourami species. Another tank, I think a 15, maybe 20 gallon, with a 7inch gar. And he also weird's me out.

Sorry to rant but I just want to empathize with you guys. It's really hard to find good stores, and ones that I can be comfortable buying from.
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Lol, I meant that I don't understand people who can do that to fish. And I understand the situation many of you are stuck in, where to buy from. Those sentences sounded odd together, just wanted to clarify.
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