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ouch, cycling is the most important thing in fish keeping, i'll give you a link to a page that will explain it all.
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Originally Posted by Vivification
I was going to get 2 Female Beta fish, I was reading up, and some people say that you can get 2 Females Only... (Pref if they have been with each other).
Only one female betta in a 3.5 gallons. Female bettas are just as aggressive as the males.

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Originally Posted by Vivification

Just so you know, these are not 5 Gold Fish we are talking about - 3 of them are feeder fish, (really small tiny fish) and 1 is a Blackmoore.

Is not sufficent to hold a Blackmoore & a Fantail? 30 Gallons equates to approx. 113Litres. That is quite a lot for 2 fish. But oh okay.

I just find 1 fish really boring.

Can you give me an idea of what 'safe' fish are okay to put in? (If I wanted more than 1?)
I see you have tiny feeder fish, as all animals, they are small when young, and large when older. They will grow. Moores grow to about 10 centimeters and fantails even bigger! Feeders also grow quite big.
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Okay, thanks everyone for your help,

I've decided I'll go out and buy a Fighter Fish.. just a couple of questions.

1) Based on the Tank, how often should I clean it/change the water
2) Can i get anything else (safely) to put with a Fighter Fish.
3) Male or Female?
4) I still have Flake Food, can I feed it that?
5) When I get the fish, any special conditions or things I need to do when I put it in?
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First, the tank should be cycled. It's the most important thing in this hobby. A properly cycled tank will mean no fish will suffer.

Second, cleaning should be done weekly. A 30%-50% water change weekly. Also, if you decide to get the fish and let the fish cycle the tank, then up your water changes to 30% every other day, and test your water daily. Do not let ammonia or nitrites get above 1ppm. Preferably .5ppm or lower.

Next, I wouldn't recommend any other fish with the Beta myself.

Next, Either 1 male or 1 female. Your choice.

Not sure on feeding Betas myself if flake food would be ok as a main diet.

Next, acclimation. You need to acclimate the fish to the tank. It's fairly simple. First you place the bag in the tank, so it can acclimate to the temp. Leave in for at least 15 minutes. Once that is complete, you can acclimate to the tank water. You do this by emptying half the water in the bag in the sink, then slowly add some tank water to the bag with a cup. Do this til the bag is full, then empty half again, and repeat 2 more times. Once completed, empty the bag into a net over a bucket or sink and the fish will go into the net, then place the fish in the tank. Do not add the LFS water to your tank, you don't know what might have travelled with the fish in the bag.

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Okay well I've rinsed the tank and cleaned it all out and put all the necessary chemicals in since yesterday afternoon. Today (being the next day) is how long i've left it to cycle.

Is that okay, or should I give it another day before adding fish into it?
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Cycling is done 2 ways......

Adding straight ammonia to the tank up to 3-5ppm. When ammonia reaches 0ppm, you then dose to 1-2ppm. When the 1-2ppm goes to 0ppm in less than 24 hours, your tank is cycled.

Fish cycle means just that, the fish will produce the ammonia, and it is necessary to keep it below 1ppm, preferably .5ppm.

Cycling can take 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. There is no way around cycling the tank other than placing already cycled material from an established tank into your filter, and gravel from an established tank. This would shorten your cycle time greatly, down to maybe a day or 2, or instant. But no, your tank is not cycled. Read up on the post that was given above for cycling a tank. It's not as easy as just letting the tank sit for a day.

Yes, you can add the fish if you like, just make sure you get test kits and test the water daily, and do at least 30% water changes every other day until your cycle is complete, which could be up to 8 weeks.

The test kits to get:

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yeah that would be perfect size for a betta and that is way to many fish. plus my sister used to do that, i mean go and buy the feeder fish and they only live for like a couple months.
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as you can see in blueblues picture, that is how big some of your goldfish will get, would 5 of those fit in your 3.5 gallon?
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