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low ph will eventually kill snails.shells will erode.

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the shells are fine, even shells that have been left for months are sitting ontop happy (as much as an empty shell gets) the ph before was off the scale of the regular test kit, (didn't get a high PH test kit)

yes, if the shell erodes enough to expose the back of the snail inside the shell the snails life is over, just waiting for it to die :(, ... not the case unfortunatly, it really has me at a loss
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I'm so sorry your losing your fish and i wish I had an easy answer for you. Your ph of 6.0 is very, very low.
We need a water chemistry expert here.

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maybe just me, ...
i'm no expert, all i have is this experience as i have done things in a very non-standard way

i would not recommend it for a tank that had any issues

dried and ground up plant prunings, when remineralized in a bucket of water gain a very high pH. ... might be something to consider.

i'd first want to have corrected whatever is causing the fish stress though.

what is the min. reading for the regular pH test kit ?
do they read reliably below 6.0 ?, maybe the pH is low enough that that is the source of the problem, ... stranger things have happened.
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Meh, that sucks that you're losing all your fish like that. I am sorry.

There's another problem: Swordtails in a ten gallon tank? They need 30 gallons minimum and a group of 4-5.

My dear, what you have is an over-stocked and poorly stocked tank, the toxins are killing them and the lack of proper space and groups is stressing them out. That's all there is to it. You need a much larger, cycled tank.

They have a very wide range of PH they can handle too...platies can handle it from about 6.5 to 8.0. You will want to get it stable before you have fish, or you will have very itchy, stressed out and very uncomfortable fish.

Also, Water test "strips" are inaccurate(I tested out about ten strips once and most DID say the same thing...however when I got a liquid kit, the numbers were far different). You want a liquid test kit. API Master Freshwater Test Kit will test ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, as well as PH and high PH. You will want to get either the liquid test solution for GH, or find it at your water company(call or check online, if you don't know how to figure out the GH from the numbers given...I didn't, ask on here).

So, you want a proper test kit, a bigger tank or different fish(not much can go in a ten gallon unfortunately), different number of fish, and a STABLE tank! =) Fix those problems and you will have happier, less dead fish. If you keep trying with fish that can't fit in the ten gallon, or with too many, you will just have more sick and dead fish.

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Thank you for your suggestions, but its too late. The last two died when I was at school. :(
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I did use test strips.
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Originally Posted by goldfish98 View Post
I did use test strips.
Strips don't work. They're never accurate and don't test for ammonia, which is likely what killed everyone(the build-up from too many fish of the wrong type in a tank too small). You want a LIQUID test kit, hun. Strips just don't work right. You can test with strips all you want, but you will not get proper results...maybe one in a hundred chance of it, but eh.

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I am going to get a liquid test kit. I want the best for my tank. I am going to start over and do a restock... the right way.
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Good for you, don't give up on it. =) Just make sure you get the right KIND of fish for the tank.

A ten gallon can't support platies or swordtails. It can support a small group of guppies(4-5) or a proper school of N-Class Endlers(6-8 males or just 6 if you mix the sexes)...or a single male or female betta with a pair of African Dwarf Frogs or snails. Smaller shrimp...Not much else. So be mindful of what you stock and research what you want before you get it so you can make your water parameters proper for them.

If you DO want platies or the other livebearers aside from Endlers and will want to get a much larger tank, 20-25 for platies and 30+ gallons for swordtails or mixes.

And don't take pet shop advice! =) If you have a question, or find a fish you're interested in and want to know if it can go in your tank...ask on here and ask about its needs. You'll get some proper help, I assure you. n.n

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.
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