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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
I think a 29g (presumably 30 inch length) is too small for an active fish that attains nearly 3 inches.
Agreed. Active fish need more space than less active fish. 2 inches would be my max, but really the smaller the better since that means you can keep a larger school.

Also, a lot of people keep their wcmm in water warmer than 72, and you'll find that there are a number of "tropical" fish that do well at 75. As an example, none of my tanks are heated - the tanks drop to about 74 in the winter.

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I'm with you there. I think a lot of our tanks are overheated. I know I have been told many times by well-meaning employees at LFSs that temperature consistency is more important than an "ideal" temperature. So their advice is always to set your heaters' thermostat at 78" rather than have fluctuations. I think fluctuations happen all the time in nature and as long as they aren't too extreme and too rapid, it's better to let a fish experience some rise and fall in temp than, for example, keep a cool water loving fish at 78-80 degrees all its life.

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Awesome! Thanks for everyone's help. I have come to decide that I am just going to do a larger shoal of White Cloud's (15-20) and have yet decide on either bristle nose plecos, hillstream loaches OR Cory's for my bottom feeders.

And Byron I will PM you later this week if I cannot find any water sprite in town here one last time.

Thanks again!

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