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fish aggression

i have a two blue gouramis in my tank and one of them is attacking and killing the other i just saw this and i think it is too far gone to save him and i dont have and extra tank to split them so what do i do is it humane to kill the almost dead one or what do i do this is the first sign of aggression from the larger one what should i do
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Well I see two maybe three options here, one let nature take its course, two divide the tank to let the damaged one heal then rehome, or three rehome one immediately if you can.

If there is one thing I've learned about 3 spot gourami is that their behavior varies widely individual from individual and I will probably not keep any again unless the tank was just for the gourami.
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the one is pretty mangled would it be more humane for me to just kill it like put it in a bag in the freezer or just flush it cause i cant just let the other kill the bad one cause the freezer option would cause no pain because of how they are cold blooded
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Theres a post somewhere around here about euthanasia do a search if you are really looking that method.
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If you really want to euthanize your fish, freezing it is not the most humane option. Ice crystals develop in the fish's blood and tissues before death and cause a lot of pain. Finquel (MS-222 or Tricaine Methanesulfonate) is the most humane method, but I understand it isn't readily available to everyone. Clove oil is a good alternative.


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Please try to separate them and heal the wounded one. Fish are like all of us, beings capable of fear and suffering, and depend on us to do the right thing for them.

If you chose to euthanize, please don't flush! I believe the easiest, most humane, least messy, and cheapest way is to put a bowl of isopropyl alcohol in the freezer for a while. Then, with the least amount of stress, put the fish head first into the bowl. Its nearly instantaneous.
Or you can check out the various methods here, rated according to how humane each method is: Aquarius Aquaria - Exploring Fish Euthanasia

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