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Which fish to add?

I had a very tiny tank (1.5g) with 2 goldfish and 1 minnow in it. I started it just for fun, fully expecting the fish to die soon like the ones I had in the past. They lived for 8 months and got too big for that tank, so I upgraded to a 10g tank. Right now it feels very empty with just 3 fish in it. What kind of fish can I add to not create conflict? Tetra's? (Neon?) I sort of wanted something a bit bigger than the goldfish, but a few smaller fish would be just as good.

Maybe a fish that stays low in the tank, and a few more medium sized ones that like to stay in the mid or higher area is what I'm looking for. I'd really appreciate some suggestions.

The tank has a 5-15g filter in it, with some kind of special carbon filtration system to promote bacteria growth. The fish in there currently look pretty healthy and happy, but I will test the water tomorrow to check for ammonia levels.

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Im far from an expert, but from what ive read on here, goldfish dont match up with many other fish due to the bioload they put out(someone please correct me if im wrong). Also from what I read those goldfish more then likley will out grow that 10 quick.

Post up some pics of your tank

5 gallon
3 MTS(sure to be mean more soon)

55 gallon
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Sorry for the bad picture, all I had was a camera phone.

The goldfish are about 2 inches long, the minnow about 1.5 and much skinnier.
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Xrayjeeper is right, goldfish do produce a larger bioload. However, a well planted aquarium (live plants) can help balance out the waste output of these guys because they use the toxic end of the nitrogen cycle for nutrients. I'm unsure of how much ratio of tank per inch of goldfish. I think that it is more, if not double, the standard for tropical fish. Okay here's a downside :( they are a cool water species of freshwater fish. This is a bummer I know to limit what else can co-exist, but the tropical species prefer water temperatures that aren't really compatible with gold fish.

The experts will see your thread soon and they will give you all the information you need, but i think they will likely ask more information as far as tank temperature, pH, etc., and probably species of fish if you know it (if not, maybe a close up of the fish?)

Poke around the forum and do some extra homework. I don't think anyone in the hobby knows everything and i find reading about it and learning to be worthwhile and enjoyable in the end. There are sure to be threads about goldfish and fish friends that get along with them. Another trusted website is www.liveaquaria.com.
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This is about as good a picture as I can get with my bad camera and with them moving. They're just the standard yellow and white/silverish goldfish. I bought them at Petsmart for a few cents.

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Goldfish are large fish when adults, a 50 gallon can be too small for them. Right now they will be okay but they will outgrow your tank. I don't think plants and goldfish are a good match but having said that, here is a good site with some plant suggestions and how goldfish relate to plants:

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Right now You're very Overstocked and i suggest you upgrade
Goldfish Grow Big and by Big i mean Huge Especially the Commons and Comets which grow to at least a foot.
I suggest 55g+ or More for Each Common/Comet and 15g-20g for Fancies and 10g-15g for any Additional Fancy Goldfish. You can keep a beautiful male betta in that 3g though and make a planted Betta Tank.

100 Gallon Pond
(3) Fantail Goldfish'
(1) Blackmoor
(1) Glofish' (Gonna add more)
(2) Platy's

15.5 Gallon Tank

(2) Pearlscale Goldfish' (Gonna transfer them soon to the Pond)

2.5 Gallon Tank
Superworm Holder

That's All of my Fish And Tank(s)/Pond(s)

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Welcome to TFK!

How often do you do water changes, and how much do you change? The reason I ask is that goldfish do grow very large and the fact that the fish are so small could be a sign of stunting which can lead to severe health issues. At 8+ months of age, these goldies should be a lot bigger than they are now; the combination of small tank size and not frequent enough water changes could result in stunting. You'd need a very large tank to keep common goldfish. It's usually much easier to keep them in an outdoor pond due to the large sizes they can reach.

I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but these fish really do need to be in a much larger tank. If upgrading is not an option, I might suggest giving the fish to someone who can give them the space they need and stocking the tank with fish that can live in a 10g permanently. There are lots of options; you might want to take a stroll through our fish profiles to see if anything strikes your fancy:


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I may just give them away then. They seem to be very happy now. Eating well and they are moving a lot, but I'd rather they live happily somewhere else if they're going to die in my small tank. Upgrading isn't an option as I'm taking this to my college dorm next year and size is an issue. 10g already takes up quite a lot of room in a college dorm setting.

I'm looking for colorful fish, not too small in size but not too big. Easy to maintain, no salt additive or anything required. Just something simple and pretty that can live in a permanent 10g environment.
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betta's with some neons and cory's for bottom feeders that what I had in my exgf's kids 10 gallon. I think I had 5-6 neons with 3 corys and a betta and everyone was happy and water was good

5 gallon
3 MTS(sure to be mean more soon)

55 gallon
Bloat who is a Fahaka puffer
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