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Question Which fish?

So I setup my tank about 40 hours ago, everything is clear and running. I added my friends gravel and added some of that Easy Balance which keeps the water stable. I tested the PH and it is around 7.2 and the Ammonia is 0. I am going soon to get some fish to cycle but I do not really want any mollies/guppies/barbs. These are the fish I was planning on putting in the aquarium - neons/cardinals/rainbowfish/rams/angels/hatchets/cories/balloon mollies - out of these which would be the best to cycle it with, give me a few options. THANKS!
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None of those will survive a cycle. They are all very, very delicate.

Plus, it sounds like you will be very overstocked if you have all of those fish.

If you *really* want to cycle with fish (I do not recommend it), then Zebra Danios are usually fine. It is best to just put either pure ammonia in it, or let some fish food rot in it.
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