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Originally Posted by Austin View Post
I wouldn't really get any more fish for that sized tank probably. 5 Black skirt tetras and 2 black mollies is probably enough. You could get some ghost shrimp or something, a snail, or some type of little critter.

Erm, for filters there's sponge filters and internal power filters. HOB filters create lots of surface tension. If you can't afford a new filter you MIGHT be able to keep some plants alive still. idk.

As for the sand... you could probably make it work. Btw for plants you want 2-3 inches of gravel.

I bought a liquid test kit from Tetra that is pretty good that Angel recommended me. It tests most things. The only complaint I have is it does not test Nitrates... Though those are not a bit deal if u change the water.

Sorry to hear about the cory. :( He was cute.
Well, sponge filters look like they're nice, and relatively cheap. That will work for my needs, yes? They just look so...simple, i'm not sure how they work.
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For a sponge filter, you bury the base in your substrate, then you need to buy an air pump, some airline tubing and an airstone. You connect the tubing to the pump and the airstone (ideally with a check valve in the air line to prevent water from siphoning back into the air pump, which would break it and/or drain your tank slowly). You drop the air stone down into the filter and turn on the air pump. Basically, air bubbles are forced down the air line tubing and out through the pores in the air stone. The air bubbles then float up through the center of the sponge filter and up to the surface of the water. The moving air basically creates a weak water current. Water gets sucked through the sponge material, which provides oxygen to bacteria that begin to colonize it. They're pretty effective biological filters but don't do much in terms of mechanical filtration as the water flow is really weak.

Honestly I'd suggest an internal filter for two reasons: 1) Although sponge filters disturb the surface less than HOB filters, the bubbles still do disturb it some, which isn't an issue with internal filters and 2) internal filters offer better mechanical filtration than sponge filters. Also, once you factor in the air pump, sponge filters aren't quite as cheap as they seem. The Tetra Whisper in-tank filters are pretty good.

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Update on the tank. Performed a water change, realized I really need to get a test kit. Went to pet store to get crickets for sister's frog, and I realized they had black skirt tetras! Bought two so the two I currently had at home wouldn't be lonely. My mother decided she wanted two dalmation mollies...and now i've got 4 black skirt tetras, 2 black mollies (1 male, 1 female) and 2 dalmation mollies! (1 male, 1 female). Hopefully everythings okay, i'm pretty sure i'm overstocked. Frequent water changes galore. Any suggestions as to how I can keep these fish alive? It's hard to stop my mom from choosing what goes in my tank, but she pays for everything, so I have to really accept it.

On a side note, the pet store had bettas in little plastic cups with lids, lids had no holes, water was completely filled. It made me sad...hmm.

Link to my tank on AQAdvisor - says I don't have enough filtration? I was thinking of getting a Tetra Whisper 40i internal filter for when I want to start getting into plants...will this be sufficient?
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The Whisper 40i sounds like total overkill. Pretty high flow rate plus I imagine it's pretty big. I think adding the 10i to your tank in addition to the Top Fin 10 you've already got should be plenty of filtration.

My issues with your stocking still stand; mollies get too large for a 10g tank and prefer different water parameters from your tetras. Have you had your water tested yet? pH and hardness are really the determining factors but either way I don't think these fish should be kept together. If your mom's dead set on the mollies, you should talk her into getting a second tank (at least 20g for mollies) and maintain that one at a higher pH and hardness than you'd have in a softwater community tank with things like tetras, cories, etc.

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On internal filters: They are way more powerful than they seem. Angel recommended me a internal filter that was for "up to 10 gallons" and it's pretty strong in my 29g tank.

Also... you might be able to keep the fish alive but they may be a little crammed. Don't buy any more fish though unless you want to get a larger tank. :P

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