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So I'm rethinking my stock. The leopard is lonely, and I want to fill my tank more, so the frogs are out.

For sure:
7 Danios
5 Kuhli Loaches
3 Snails

Temperature: 78 F
pH: Greater than 7.6, it seems to have buffered itself around 8, I'll do an experiment to find out what it's at.

I want some shrimp, but they go in last.
I was thinking neon tetras, but I'm reading they're rainwater fish, and don't like water hardness or alkalinity.

I'm hoping for something to fill the middle. It doesn't need to be a fish. Any thoughts? I don't want a Cichlid relative or anything carp-related.
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So I got two snails and two leopard danios today, introduced them, and that one leopard is still being anti social. The other two leopards were quick to join the school no problem.

He's like swimming in circles alone all day, and when they get fed, he swims near the top, but never pecks at the surface. Any food he does want to go after in the water as it's sinking he immediately spits out.

What gives?

Also, my girlfriend and I painted the snails we introduced. We used acrylic paint, and it dried in about 10-20 minutes. For anyone reading this with a will to do this, the apple snail paints way better than the golden apple snail. They are just fine. I didn't want to give them a clear coat (even though the golden one had an incredibly thin shell) because I was worried the fumes would kill them.

*Pictures here soon!*
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