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cycle is not designed to treat tapwater, it is merely a bacteria supplement to speed up your cycle. THe truth is your fish may not get better. I mean hopefully they will but there is no way of saying exactly how soon they will seem fine again. You need to be testing the water mainly for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates as those are the three main chemicals involved in the process. First ammonia will appear, then nitrite, and then nitrate. The whole process can take up to 6 weeks but probably sooner with the aid of Cycle. Since those 3 chemicals are harmful to fish, the nitrogen cycle is a very stressful time on a fish. Mollies are strong fish but not always the best choice to start a new tank. Test the water for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and do small water changes if you see any of those rising to unsafe conditions. You may want to use aquarium salt during the cycle process to help the fish conserve energy and fight of potential illness but I would stop using the salt after the cycle is complete.

Mike H
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The ph is about 8

and on the box of Cycle is says: Reduces fish loss

Rapidly matures new aquariums

and when I was reading the paper it said something about adding bacteria. The fish started to move very little now that I added cycle but he is not normal yet. Does bacteria help the fish? Should I add something else?
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I see I also purchased something else called 3 in 1 water conditioner it says it does the following:

Buffers ph to 7.0
Ammonia Neutralizer
Eliminates Chlorine and Chloamines

Should I add that also or will it hurt the fish more?
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Avoid Ph adjusting chemicals as much as possible. They're not good for the fish as they caise swings which can be very harmful, and even kill the fish.
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I purchased another product which is a water conditioner it does not do anything with the ph I added it and the fish is doing a bid better now. Hopefully he will get fully normal.
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