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This is a discussion on Firemouths Dead... within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> The carbon-ammonia is like whats in the filter cartridges when you buy them, but the emperor 400 has slots for 4 cartridges and 2 ...

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The carbon-ammonia is like whats in the filter cartridges when you buy them, but the emperor 400 has slots for 4 cartridges and 2 of them are to fill with the extra of whatever carbon or filter you want. It's a marineland brand like the filter and it kind of looks like kitty litter lol. Yeah I'm definitely planning on getting a larger tank soon enough, but the only fish Im concerned about with the other fish is the midas because it can be pretty aggresive sometimes, not really biting but chasing around the other fish (except the oscars). And I just thought it was weird about the midas digging because it'll dig a hole down to the glass in the same spot every time, and then moves all the rock back into the pile and fills it back in and a couple hours later does the same thing. Maybe its just passing the time? lol thanks again
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Really? Oo; I always referred to what was in my filter cartridges as activated carbon xD Then again, never had an Emperor.........forgive my limited knowledge in the technical area of fish keeping ^^;
Never had or looked into Midas myself, though my LPS has one they keep in....oh its probably at least a 60 gallon tank. He's full grown, must be over a foot. Seems very happy with the attention he gets from the customers But I remember reading on his little info thing that he is very aggressive and therefore kept on his own.
I probably wouldn't keep the Oscars and him together....or even the Oscars together unless the tank was well over 100 gallons and even then you may have issues as they mature.....good to know your upgrading though
He probably is just playing around, its definitely not something you should be concerned about.
.....Unless you have any live plants xD
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