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Finally!!! Success!!

Just little brag on my part! :) I recently got into the hobby and researched a lot before doing so about how to keep water parameters, the fish I was interested in and all around fish keeping to make sure I would do this correctly. I went out and purchased supplies for the 10g freshwater I was starting and enjoyed it soo much I ended up finding a 29g tank with 2 gouramis and 2 cichlids on craigslist for a reasonable price and purchased it as well. After struggling to get both of them to cycle and get the water parameters correct they finally are both at less than .25 ammonia level, and 0 nitrite and around 20 nitrate. I actually ended up getting discouraged and hadn't done much with them for a couple of weeks. Finallly I was decided to clean them but was in a rush and just did a very quick and what i thought in my opinion was a very lazy gravel vacuum I tested the parameters and got the numbers above. Added some stress coat+ and the all the inhabitants seems a lot more less stressed out than they were before. And was able to watch another one of my platies give birth, and have one more ready to pop any day now. I hope no one minds, I was just excited to see them finally get to where they are supposed to be. I'm pretty sure I was doing some major overcleaning of them which was keeping them from cycleing properly. Its funny how if you just leave it alone it will do what its supposed to do on its own. :) I was pretty pleased!!! Thanks for reading!!
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I'm not so sure over cleaning was your problem. We have come to live in an instant / recycle world. It can take 6-8 weeks for some tanks to cycle and 6 months before it's really 'established'.
We tend to think this should happen sooner, but you can rush a good stew.
Now it's true that some cycles can complete sooner given the right circumstances and a good bio-seed, but these are more exceptions than rules.
Glad to hear it has worked out for you and you and your fish are happy!

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