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Originally Posted by zacheyp View Post
could i keep a tiny school of pygmy cories with a male betta
MAYBE. I have many times kept bettas with corys, most recently I have a shoal of corys in a 10g with a male betta. The corys have to go because they have outgrown their home, but they get along fine with the betta, save for the cory eggs the betta eats. BUT... I understand that pygmy corys tend to be more active. This maybe an isolated incident, or it might be a trait that will lead the betta to get angry. If you do attempt such a coupling, I would have a second home for the betta or the corys ready should it be necessary.

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either I would take this
Find this 10 gallon Basic Aquarium for your fish at Save money. Live better.
with Tetra Whisper Air Pump 10-30: Fish
and something like this to filter
AquaTech Power Filter -
you will also need some tubing and an airstone for the pump
all this for about 40$! and its muchhh bether then the 5 g kits ...
you will need a hood and light too but thats prety cheap also
Pet Select 10-Gallon Deluxe Screen Cover -
and if i were you I would get even bigger there are kits for about 150$ that are prety good!
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Max has a point. Its often very inexpensive, relatively speaking to go to the next size bigger tank.

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i dont have the space
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Ahh, and such is life for many aquarists looking to sell furniture to fit the new tank

I would look into a cool nano-tank fish, the ember tetras or something of that nature, you just never see those anymore

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i like celstial pearl danios, what could i keep with them
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With a five gallon, like plainly stated before, you cannot fit too many fish. you could probably stock a school of about 8 celestial dainos with some shrimp. Many members would say even 8 is too much.

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If you check our profiles it says that celestial pearl danio need to be kept in an 18 inch tank as they like swimming room. You can only keep small sedate fish in a 5 gal tank. Very few schooling fish can be kept there. Byron has already given you some nice suggestions, and I still think a betta and some cherry shrimp is your best bet. A 5 gal has VERY limited stocking options.


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Absolutely NO to Celestial Pearl Danio the tank is simply too small for them.

I really would actually only put a Betta and that is it, not even shrimp in with it.

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