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Filtration idea...

Looking to setup my old 29h aquarium and I have a UGF for it...but thinking of not using it...Instead, I have a new 5-15 Aquatech I got for the 10g, which I can use's using the cartridge right now. I realize it's only 'rated' for 5-15g, but it pumps a lot of water and I raise the tube slightly in the 10g to reduce the flow some (the 10g does have a UGF running via air diffusion for lift).

So if I don't use the UGF in the 29, I need something for bio-filtration. Maybe downrange I drop more serious money on a canister. But it seems to me another inexpensive power filter like the one I have, filled with a bio material would work great for this. I'd use a sponge cover on the inlet tube to keep debris out. I'm not really thinking of bio-balls or ceramics, but rather some simple open foam or kitchen scrubber like material that the bacteria can latch on to.

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The aquatech has a bio sponge in front of the blue cartridge. The sponge on the filter is a good idea but its not going to be enough for your tank. . . depending on what & how many fish you plan on keeping.
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Originally Posted by stevenjohn21 View Post
The aquatech has a bio sponge in front of the blue cartridge. The sponge on the filter is a good idea but its not going to be enough for your tank. . . depending on what & how many fish you plan on keeping.
Seems to me that if the power filter was filled with bio material it would have as much as any typical canister the one power filter handles debris and the other does bio. (The sponge I mentioned on the intake tube acts somewhat like a sponge filter, but it's real purpose is to prevent debris from sludging up the bio mass.

Like I said, I 'could' use the UGF, just thought a HOB power filter setup differently might just do the deed.

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Actually, this is almost funny/interesting in a way....I'm remembering the olden days when we might have a bubble up HOB or a corner filter and pay little attention to mechanical, biological, chemical filtration...
Or for that matter, little attention to the the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate cycle. Days before almost every siphon out there was a wide mouth gravel siphon! You might step up to a power filter or if you were really into the hobby (I was) get a diatomaceous earth filter. (but then I remember a time before color TV, microwave ovens and cell phones :) I remember my parents had an old metal framed, slate bottom 5g aquarium way overcrowded by today's guidelines. No real concern about water - few (if any) water changes .... and the fish did amazingly well! Go figure.

I find it interesting how far the 'hobby' has advanced in time.

Now here's another thought I have about filtration. It seems like power filters, power heads, etc. are bigger and more powerful for larger tanks. This little 5-15 Aquatech filter I got for the 10g wide open pushes enough water to take those little neons for quite the ride! Same for putting power heads on UGF's. How is it I wonder that we think that moving lots of water through filters very fast is the best filtration??? It seems to me that the most pure water is when we move water slowly through a fine filtering media better ensuring that impurities become trapped. This theory surely applies to debris, but even more so for ammonia and nitrites - I'm picturing bacteria chasing after ammonia or nitrites suspending in water traveling 170 mpg/h
Others have no doubt thought of this as well - consider the wet/dry drip filters with bio-balls.

So back to my idea of using one power filter for debris and another for biological filtration (Filter filled with a media to encourage a huge bacterium colony)...
(oh and HOB is not an issue as I like the inexpensive background posters so you don't see through the back).

(other) Thoughts?

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