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the only tank i use carbon on is my 55, because the rite size pads for my penguin have it in there already. And I only change them probably every 6 to 8 weeks, when the pad gets plugged up, so the carbon aint doin squat. I used to use carbon, didnt notice a bit of difference when I stopped.

a void in your hob filter, provided the sponge covers the whole of the surface area ejected by the filter, will not affect its performance. If you have a filter with carbon in it, and just dont readd the carbon, it wont hurt anything. I would find it unnecessary to replace the carbon with a sponge or what not, in the vast majority of applications :)

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Thanks for all the replies you guys! I think I'll get some of that marineland filter material and see how that goes. Thanks again!

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Sounds like the carbon is a nice thing to have in the fish medicine cabinet, and not much else. I think I'll pull it in favor of sponge from now on. Thanks for saving me some money!

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You can also google the brand of your filter + modification to see what other people have successfully done.

My method (stolen from the interwebs) for a HOB-
I cut off the blue spongy stuff from the filter cartridge, empty the carbon, get sheet batting from the craft store (100% polyester), cut it to size, rubber band the batting on the old plastic part of the filter cartridge. Replace batting as needed. Easy, cheap, done.

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that sounds like a rite size filter, mina. And not a bad idea! You can buy the bonded marineland filter material for cheap too, which is what the blue sponge is to begin with!

Just a note, adding extra sponging isnt a terrible idea, but make sure if you have a biowheel filter, it isnt going to slow down the biowheel too much. My filter can plug up so the biowheel wont even turn anymore, but its not enough for the filter to run into its overflow, so you will have to keep an eye on it.

on the positive side, a 2nd sponge will give you something to jumpstart a new tank filter, should you set up another tank!

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