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Question Filter question

I am getting an Eheim 2217 canister filter for my 90 gallon aquarium. It should be coming in the mail on Thursday. I've heard that canister filters are bad about not aerating the water well and starving the tank inhabitants of oxygen. Should I get a bio-wheel filter to supplement this? I'm sure the added filtration wouldn't hurt either.

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That's not quite accurate. Oxygen and CO2 enter and leave the water primarily via the water's contact with the air at the surface of the tank. To speed up this exchange of gases, the water circulation should be increased. Canister filters can move the water quite fast and therefore, can really increase this air exchange.
Canisters may not be good at breaking up the protein scum that can develop at the water's surface. The surface scum can reduce the exchange of gases. This can be remedied by adding an air stone (not recommended in a planted tank), by adding a surface skimmer to the canister or by directing the canister's spray bar at the waters surface.

The ehiem 2217 should provide enough filtration but then again, I'm not sure what you'll be stocking the tank with.
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Without knowing if you're running a planted tank or what kinds of fish you're planning on stocking your aquarium with it's hard to answer your question. As long as you're not whipping your fish around the tank, more filtration can't really hurt. But is it necessary? The Eheim can handle 90g on its own and as WisFish noted, and you can direct the spraybar at the surface to get some O2 exchange going on if you're worried about it.

On the other hand, if you were to get an HOB to go along with the canister you would have some backup in case the canister went caput (not likely). Info on your setup would let us answer more specifiacally. But you're probably good either way you want to go.

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Or, a very small bubble stone stuck in the corner. You'll get a much greater surface area from a small stream of bubbles than a HOB filter anyways.
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Originally Posted by nomel View Post
Or, a very small bubble stone stuck in the corner. You'll get a much greater surface area from a small stream of bubbles than a HOB filter anyways.


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WisFish put it well. I just started using a canister filter and love it. I posed the same question on the forum about the scum on the water's surface. A quick rotation upward of the spray bar took care of it immediately.

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