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Ok so I got a Rena filstar xp3 canister filter in a trade 😊 it's been sitting for awhile, what's the best way to clean it? And also I got a protein skimmer for salt water but I'm not sure how exactly it works or if its even all there and I can't find a name on it anywhere

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Was it cleaned before you got it?? How long has it been sitting?? I have no clue how those work but assume its on the same basic principal as my canister. If you can take out the media basket or trays as I think those have. Then just wipe down the housing they go in. Depending on how dirty and dry it is you may have to use a lil elbow grease or just a lil vinegar. If it had pads be it coarse or fine that look rough I would replace them. I don't know what kind of media it has or if it has any ceramic noodles or rings but if it does just soak them in hot water and see if the stuff comes off. Then just put it back together and you should be fine. If the hoses are dirty and clogged you will need to clean them.
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I'm not sure how long but it still had water in it and all the media as well I just scrubbed the heck out of it and run really hot water threw it I'm out of vinegar at the moment ill have to get some I was wondering about bleach but not if that would be a good idea

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If you use bleach don't get it on ANY media/pads. If you do you might as well throw it away. As for using it on the housing as long as you use a little it should be fine. Just rinse the heck out of it and let it air dry completely. Then repeat rinse and air dry. Then you should be fine. Through not sure you will want to do that on the hoses.

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Think I will just do vinegar I don't want to chance it with the bleach.

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So I cleaned everything with vinegar and the water coming from the filter has a horrid smell😕. I've cleaned it and scrubbed it but idk what else it could be. I've had it running for like two weeks now

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Tom's makes a mini canister that hangs on the side of the tank. I think it's available at Amazon or Dr. F&S. Don't remember the price. If you can't make that work and can stand a HOB I like the AquaClear line by Hagen. It is almost as good as a canister for the ability to customize the media. You can then use generic sponges and bio media and if needed you can add carbon. If you add carbon you might need to get a bag so the carbon stays in the filter if you buy bulk.r.
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I love my tom rapids mini canister. I have it on my 10 on my bedside table - can't hear a thing. It's got a lot of current though so I drilled out the holes, as well as drilled holes in the back of the spraybar and one on the endcap.

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And where do you get the mini canister I couldn't find it on dr foster grant

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I'm running 2 Eheim Ecco 2232 Canister filter on a 27gal cube. Each one is rated for 35gal, but I have 2 canisters do to repopulating Platys. You can find a large assortment of canister filters at bigalsonline.
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