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Filter to Filter tank cycling

This is a discussion on Filter to Filter tank cycling within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by Byron To your comment on it being no worse in the new tank as it was in the old, remember that ...

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Filter to Filter tank cycling
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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
To your comment on it being no worse in the new tank as it was in the old, remember that by moving it over you are greatly increasing the level immediately, which once again may be detrimental to the autotrophes.
This is fundamentally no different than what is advised when moving an aquarium - discard the water, preserve the filter, substrate and decor - add new water and go...only difference really is the glass container!

HOWEVER. I certainly will agree that if the filter or filter content is in really bad (dirty) shape (and we've recently seen photos of some very neglected filters!) it could be a serious foot shot as we transfer a nitrate factory to another aquarium.
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If one keeps their tanks and filter's maintained properly then the Heterotrophic bacteria is not much of a concern in my view.
Dirty filter's,dirty substrates, (poor tank maint) can lead to low oxygen condition's where bad bacteria can thrive, and in extreme condition's ,result in organics (nitrates) being turned back into Nitrites = toxic conditions for fishes.
Cannot count the times I have seeded tanks with afore mentioned sponges,pads,cartridges,etc without any issues I could detect .
Keep your filter's maintained,don't overfeed/over stock and filter's and substrate will stay cleaner. Sufficient filtration will provide oxygen exchange, and fishes will thrive assuming those fishes selected are selected with care to ensure that they will enjoy the source water being used.
The point made that in new tanks it is nitrifying bacteria that is of primary concern,and that this bacteria colonizes on hard surfaces as opposed to being free floating and,, also requires oxygen,is precisely why I have ZERO confidence in bacterial supplement's in a bottle.Some are convinced that they are useful ,But I am not among that number and not alone thankfully.
Bottles could just as easily be dirty tank water, or squeezings from dirty filter's ,or dead organics. They also do not appear to produce desired result's with any degree of consistency from what has been reported with few exceptions.
I would ALWAYS(Just me) ,choose filter material,cartridges,pads,sponges, or perhaps a cup full of gravel from disease free existing (cycled) aquarium when attempting to seed a new (uncyled) tank. And though I have been called "Old school" on more than a few occasions , I tend to stick with what works well for me.
Sometimes folks get too scientific for me ,and I am thankful that old school way's still produce desired result's for my tanks.

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