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Filter and driftwood questions, if you'd be so kind.

Hi guys,

I have the opportunity grab a Rena XP3 at a great price, only problem is a filter upgrade wasn't exactly in the budget right now. I am nearing the end (I hope) of my cycle and I'm currently using a Penguin 350 on a 55 gallon. Should I go for it? Is running both filters a good idea? I mean, it can't hurt right? Are there any benefits to running both a canister and a HOB filter?

Next question. I'm looking into getting a nice piece of driftwood for a centerpiece, if you will, and I'd like to know more about it. Does it need to be soaked or cleaned in any special way before I put it into the aquarium? Will it stain the water? I'm just looking for some info.

Thanks guys.
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Hey there! :)

Personally, I only use canister filters on my bigger tanks. I find them very efficient and low maintenance. But, there isn't much harm in using a HOB as well - as long as your fish don't get stressed from the flow! You can usually adjust the flow down on the filters, though, if the fish you want to keep are more sedate.

With driftwood, you can boil it (if it's not too big for a pot) or soak it in a tub. These methods will help it sink. Boiling will release more tannins than soaking, but it will still release some for quite some time. I would suggest you buy aquarium safe driftwood, as finding your own wood is fraught with danger - critters, disease, fungus etc.
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Originally Posted by amberjade View Post
I would suggest you buy aquarium safe driftwood, as finding your own wood is fraught with danger - critters, disease, fungus etc.

All drift wood comes from somewhere. ^

Boil it if you can. If not then soak it in a 10% bleach solution then rinse it very well and continue to soak changing out the water everyday for a few weeks. Scrub it also to get loose debris/dirt/etc. off.

Personally I run mine through the dishwasher 6 times along with soaking it.

In my 46 I have a canister (370gph) and a HOB rated for a 75. Then a powerhead (300gph) and circulation fan (1,300gph - That's what it is rated although I really don't believe it). Of course I have Pikes and they love a current. I couldn't imagine just a canister and HOB causing too much of a current.
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Strand does that not discolor your dishwasher? Also I am guessing you use nothing but hot water when you run it through?
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Discolor it? Haha, no.

I run it through "pots and pans" - Not sure if it helps but I load the soap dispenser with salt.
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i recently bought some driftwood from Petco. being bought rather than found reduces the odds of it having any contaminants on it (they generally clean the wood before selling it) but i did have t soak it for a while to get rid of most of the tannins to keep it from discoloring my water. how long varies from piece to piece. mine only took a week or so (changing the water it was in daily), while i have a friend how had to soak his for a month or so and it still discolored his water a little.
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i bought my driftwood off ebay, there can be some decent prices there compared with local stores. It really depends on the piece of wood and how the seller has treated it. I only had to soak my through the afternoon, changing the water hourly until I had clear water. I then boiled it for about and hour to make sure any critters or fungus was killed. It now looks great and I havn't had any water discoloration.
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