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Filter for a 65g?

This is a discussion on Filter for a 65g? within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Help please! I've been keeping various fish for 15 years or so, but the past 8 or so years has been all saltwater. well, ...

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Question Filter for a 65g?

Help please! I've been keeping various fish for 15 years or so, but the past 8 or so years has been all saltwater. well, I'm going back to fresh water, purchased a 65g tank today and I'm getting ready to figure out what filtration I will need.
looking at keeping angels, rainbow fish, tetras, etc in this tank, might be lightly planted with some easy stuff but mostly fake plants.

NOW, I've never had a canister filter but I'm thinking thats the way to go this time around.

so are there any recommendations as to what i should get for a filter? I'm hoping to keep filter cost in the 125-200$ range if possible. not a huge deal if i can't as id rather wait, and save up for something better if you think thats necessary.

thanks for any advice!
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I have an Eheim Classic 2215 on mine and it works great.
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there are some good filters out there. for that size tank id look for a flow rate (gallons per hour, gph) in the 325 to 455. sunsun is a good and fairly inexpensive. fluval is a great brand as well little more expensive unless you find em on sale. also api rena xp line is also very good. if you wanted you could use two smaller canisters for better water flow and filtration. one on each side of the tank. you could get two sunsun hw-302 filters for about 125 dollars off amazon.
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how about this Fluval G3? are they worth the $? really that much better than everything else?
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Originally Posted by TheKohn View Post
how about this Fluval G3? are they worth the $? really that much better than everything else?
Haven't used the G3 or any canister made by others. Have a Fluval 206. I think it is a great filter. I had no installation problems. It has worked flawlessly for about nine months now. It would seem from all the reviews I've read that the Eheim or the Fluval would be a good choice. I only use the big prefilter foam blocks and the black blocks with the ceramic noodles that came with it. I added some more ceramic noodles, some floss to the black foam basket and a fine felt polishing pad to the media. That's my choice not my recommendation since each tank is a separate environment.

If I need another filter I would not hesitate to buy another Fluval. The main choice between the Fluval and the Eheim for me was the Fluval had separate media baskets and the quick disconnect valves were joined. It turns out as I learned more about fishkeeping the separate baskets were not necessary. The Eheim classic canisters seem to use formed pads and I didn't realize that when I was making my choice. That probably would have made a difference in my choice.

The Eheim has a longer history then the Fluval which would seem to indicate that any problems could have been worked out of the design.

Hope this helps.

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the sunsun filters are a chinese knock off of the marineland and they work just as well as the marineland.
i have a 74g filter on my 55g and also a 75g filter on my 50g african cichlid tank and they work wonders. the filters were about $60 but you can also pay a little bit more and get ones with a uv sterilizer built in if you want. but they have the filters rated ll the way up to 220g so its just how much turn over you want in the tank
here is a link to a 100g with a uv sterilizer with free shipping for $66 so take a look
100 Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank Canister Filter 9W UV Sterilizer 370 GPH | eBay
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I recently got rid of my undergravel filter. I have used them for almost 20 years. I also put a small hang on the back filter with a biowheel powering one tube of the UGF and a power head on the tube on the other side of the tank. I have never vaccumed one. I have never ever had a problem with a tank that used a UGF. Recently I had to get rid of one because I wanted a heavily planted tank. My water chemistry is alot more fragile now it seems. If I ever start a second it will have a UGF again!

Call me old fashioned! but they work.
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I've got 4 of the sunsuns and like them very much. I would get 2 of the 265 gph models for your tank. 2 is better than 1.

I would not get the UV models unless you have green water problems, cause thats about all it might be good for at the high flow/low wattage combo.
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Since I prefer HOB, I would go with an Aquaclear (Fluval) 110. Its a HOB filter. You can get one online for like 70-80 bucks ($90 at LFS) and they run 500 GPH. Very quiet, easy, and reliable. Lots of surface agitation and aeration so no air pumps are needed. It's the Cadillac of HOB filters IMO and its all I use. If you aren't going with a canister, this is the best bet for a 65g, Hands down.
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Anytime anyone mentions filters I put in a good word for aquaclear by fluval. I have a six year old hob that runs as quiet and consistent as the day I got it.
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