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Film on water?!

I have a 20 gal. long aquarium with a bio-wheel filter. I had an outbreak of fungus and had to med the whole tank. After meds I did a 50% water change. Filter had to be removed during med treatment. Now filter is back in place, ammonia levels are high (4.0). I have done two 25% water changes over the last 4 days. I noticed when doing water change last night that I have a film on the water surface. Any clues as to what that is and how to get rid of it?! I was hoping water change last night would take care of it, but it's still there. Help!
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it sounds like it is a lack of the water surface breaking up. you need to add more flow with powerheads of move the flow more towards the top of the tank to create more surface water movement.

what size pump are you running. do you use a mecanical filter? ie filter sock or anything.
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I have to agree. Air pump or powerhead to circular the water a bit more. I noticed that in my tank also when I first moved to the 55g. The filter just didn't move the water around enough so I bought a air pumb and have not had a problem.

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I wanted to clarify the instructions for that medication. A lot of people seem to think that filtration should be stopped entirely, but that's actually a pretty bad thing to do (as I'm sure you figured out). All you need to do is remove the chemical filtration (such as carbon) from your filter. You can leave any of the mechanical filtration (like sponges) and biological filtration (like a bio wheel) running during treatment. The carbon will remove the medication, but the other parts of the filter simply remove waste.
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