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feeding questions...

This is a discussion on feeding questions... within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> ok so I have 7 black neon tetras, 2 neon blue dwarf gourami and a spotted cory (yes I know I need more cories... ...

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Gosse Cory
Gosse Cory
Old 08-04-2010, 11:15 AM   #1
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feeding questions...

ok so I have 7 black neon tetras, 2 neon blue dwarf gourami and a spotted cory (yes I know I need more cories... they are next on the list as soon as I can find some that look good )

anyway I have regular ol' tropical fish flakes, freeze dried blood worms and bottom feeder tablets

when I feed them it seems like the tetras devour all the flakes and blood worms before the gouramis can get anywhere near (they eat like a swarm of piranhas!! when I do water tests they swarm and nip at my fingers while I collect the water!!)

anyway... because they seem to be missing out on all the flake food the gouramis end up going after the bottom feeder tablet - which I normally break off a small piece of since I currently only have the one cory

I typically feed the fish once a day (in the morning) should they be being fed more often?

I guess the real question is how can I make it so the gouramis get fed
OR is it ok for them to just eat the bottom feeder tablets (I assume it is NOT ok for that to be all they eat)
AND if they are going to eat the bottom feeder tablet - should I just put a whole tablet in there to make sure that the cory is getting some too?

I have to break the tablet up anyway if the gouramis are eating it because one will continually chase the other away if they have to share one piece :/

also is there anything else I should be feeding them?
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Old 08-04-2010, 01:31 PM   #2
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Interesting post, and one I am going to use as illustrating what I frequently write concerning "compatible" fish. Brandelion, please don't take this the wrong way; there is no real issue here, but your post does prove a point and others can learn too.

In the profile of the Dwarf Gourami, there is the following section [copied verbatim with bold my emphasis]:
Compatibility/Temperament: Both shy and territorial, this fish can be maintained in a larger community aquarium with peaceful and quiet tankmates but not other gourami or active, boisterous fish. Males are territorial with other males. Sometimes other brightly-coloured fish will cause this fish to become aggressive. Should be maintained in sexed pairs only.
Your feeding example perfectly illustrates why. Gourami, like Discus and Angels, need calm companions.

Now having said that, black neons are not going to pose a real threat, so don't worry. It is just a small example of the main point.

As long as the gourami are feeding, all is well. The danger than can sometimes occur in such situations is the sedate fish become too frightened to eat. This is common with Discus and even Angelfish, and many of the quiet characins will also refuse to eat if they feel intimidated or threatened by other fish that are too active or boisterous.

Feed a variety of foods, both flake and sinking. I keep 4 brands of flake and 4 brands of sinking tablets/pellets going at any one time, alternating each day so the fish have something different (both flake and sinking) every day for 4 days before it repeats. And one feeding in the morning is sufficient; except in the case of fry that need more regular nourishment, mature fish can mange without food for days if they are otherwise well fed and healthy. Fish will always appear hungry, or they should; their instinct tells them to eat when food is available since they may not see food again for some time. Don't think you are starving them and keep feeding, that is worse for their health.

Other foods for your fish would be frozen bloodworms, but only as a treat, not regular (every day), maybe 2-3 times a week. Frozen daphnia and shrimp (artemia, brine shrimp) are others. Have a look at our profiles for each species, there are recommendations on appropriate foods for each.

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dfbiggs (08-04-2010)
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well if I start having any real problems with them the store will take them back - I wouldn't have taken the chance otherwise

at first the one gourami was too shy to come out and eat but now they are both out and about quite a bit

as for the tetras - EVERYTHING I read said tetras were a good tankmate for the dwarf gourami - and aside from them gobbling up all the food they seem to do fine together - they don't scare or chase eachother - no more than the tetras chased eachother before the gouramis got in there anyway

I honestly didn't see the tetras as all that active or boisterous - I mean they are obviously faster moving than the gouramis but they're NOTHING compared to the activity level of say.. tiger barbs and since every single thing I read about suitable tankmates for dwarf gouramis said tetras - and I don't have any experience with either I figured these people know what they're talking about - I sure as hell don't hehehe

as long as everyone is getting along and eating - and the gourami aren't hiding in a corner all the time I assume they are ok

I will go and get some more foods so I can rotate

I have a container of betta food (and no more bettas) can these guys eat that??
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Old 08-04-2010, 06:38 PM   #4
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Like I said, I would not expect problems. I was only making use of your information to illustrate.

I would think the betta food fine for other fish--gourami are anabantids too. And your tetras sound like they will eat anything.
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Old 08-04-2010, 07:04 PM   #5
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oh ok cool =)
and yeah I think my tetras would eat my fingers if they had the strength to break skin haaa
nevermind store bought food - I'll just start throwing them table scraps

not really of course... just sayin' I think they'd eat a steak if I threw it in there hehehe
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Old 08-05-2010, 04:04 AM   #6
i have similar issues with tryng to make sure everyone gets fed in my tank. my pristella tetras are much more boisterous than my neons, who seem to get crowded out. One way of overcoming this is when putting in flakes or hikari micro pellets, don't drop them all in one place in the tank. I put a small amount of flakes in 3-4 places along the tank, that way the food is more spread out and the neons get a chance to eat more.

a little pipette is also very useful as it allows me to put frozen bloodworms on the bottom of the tank for my cories and bolivian rams without them being eaten by the tetras
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Old 08-05-2010, 07:52 AM   #7
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I feed a variety of foods from different areas of the tank. Between flakes, slow sinking pellets, algae discs and freeze dried black worms, everyone stays happy. Oh the joys of having a community tank! LOL
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+1 on what sik80 said. i have tiger barbs that rush the surface as soon as the tank cover opens so while i float some largish flakes for them, i sink some hikari micro pellets for the pristellas, serpaes, emperors and corys.

when feeding brine shrimp or bloodworms, i drop them equally into opposite ends of the tank.

everyone eats just fine.
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