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feeding habits....

how many of you use bloodworms?

how do you feed them? like do you use a few or drop a cube in the tank..

im new to the bloodworms so im trying to figure out the best way.

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i (or rather my boyfriend as im scared of the lol) just drops a block, or half a block depending on what tank, into it. they soon come apart and the fish are able to eat them quite the thing.
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is a whole block too much for a 20G tank?

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It depends how many and what fish you have in there. But I would say half a block would probably suffice.

Here's what I do. I put the frozen block of bloodworm into a net, and run under lukewarm tapwater until it has defrosted and then put it in.

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I use the whole block. Put a cup with some water from teh tank and drop in the cube and let it thaw out. Once the worms have seperated, dump it into the tank. Feeding frenzy in my tank. :)
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Yea, its probably a bad idea to feed them frozen food... I usually take a small dish and put a little aquarium water in it then defrost a small bit (about the size of a stack of 3 or 4 pennies) of worms and dump it back into the tank. Remember that this stuff has more mass than flakes so don't overdo it it :D :D
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The best way is to put the cube in your mouth squishy it around and let it thaw out then spit it into the tank.

LOL, jk. I stick it in a cup o water, thaw it out for a minute or two then pour it in. I think its pretty cool when you do that because the stuff flies around everywhere allowing all the fish to get a bite.

When I feed the flakes and the shrimp pellets its usually the strongest fish that get the food cuz he bullies the area. By letting the worms loose all over the place there's food in ever area of the tank.
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I feed bloddworms to my fish two ways. One, I thaw the frozen bloodworms in a shot glass and use an eyedropper to feed the fish. This way I can make sure that all fish get a little niblet of food instead of having alpha fish chase everyone off. Two, I use a conical worm feeder that is attached tio the front of my tank and just drop a chunk of the food into the feeder.
Just an added note, I make sure there is no tequila left in the shot glass before adding the bloodworms. lol
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well i figured out my own method today.

since my filter is located in the middle of the back wall. i simple put the thawed bloodworms in just in front of the water stream and let it push them everywhere. the stream splits them into all directions as soon as they reach the glass and the fish go nuts!

the RTS gets his share as well as everything else in the tank!

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I use blood worms also. I used to put the cube in a cup of warm water and let it thaw out ti'll its all apart. then get a turkey baster and suck it up then squirt it all over my, mainly so my ( were shy ) clown loaches could get some food. But now i just put the cube in my hand and put it in the water holding it under the filter outcome thingy where it shoots out water so then it thaws and whilest its doing that it shoots it into the tank. It's also fun to watch my angels AND clown loaches come up and eat it from my hands :D


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