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Feeding frozen food

This is a discussion on Feeding frozen food within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by rsn48 Byron, the small little packs the blood worms come in are too large to be fed at once. Even a ...

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Originally Posted by rsn48 View Post
Byron, the small little packs the blood worms come in are too large to be fed at once. Even a third of one of those small cubes is too much. I cut off enough (sometimes too much) to feed for one sitting. One of those small cubes will go about four feedings for fourteen Glow Lights.

I don't have large tanks like you do (well, I do have a 75 gallon not yet set up) so I suspect you will use most if not all of the cube.
Ah, that explains it, thanks. Were it me, I would probably thaw the worms (in cold not warm water), feed what you want to the fish, and place the unused in a small jar of cold water in the fridge. They will keep for a couple days. Aside from the convenience (to me) of this over cutting frozen cubes, it also means whole worms are being fed. I have read that worms should always be fed whole because of the nutritional value. Chopped earthworms are often used for larger fish that can't manage whole worms, but the whole worm though chopped is still fed at once. I have no scientific reason to support this, but as I have read it many times from reputable aquarists in magazines and online, I mention if for what it may be worth... B.
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I'm not concerned about the nutritional value of blood worms as I know fish love them and they aren't a "complete" food. In my human vocabulary I see them as kind of the equivalent of "potato chips" (all season preferred). In a day, the fish get two bouts of Omega One flake food and a frozen "potato chip" (I speak metaphorically here) at one of the sittings.

So if the fish gets a half a blood worm or a whole one, I'm not concerned as the main nutrition is in the flake and some of the other frozen foods I feed them which are very well balanced (the San Francisco Bay brand varieties). Also there are some whole worms even in the cut version, not all the worms lay down horizontally to die, side by side, if you know what I mean, so even a smaller portion will have some whole worms.

But Byron if you are concerned about whole versus cut up worms, you must have very cared for fish - the lucky guys and gals.
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