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Originally Posted by Tyyrlym View Post
Well lets see. The Labyrinth organ doesn't allow them to survive in unfiltered water, it lets the survive in low oxygen warm stagnant water. Their gills will be damaged just like any other fish's by ammonia and such.
I know. But my filter also helps to put oxygen into the water, right? That's what I meant by unfiltered. Could the gouramis survive in an unfiltered -- but regularly cleaned -- environment, like a betta can?

I'll probably transport the sparklers in the Sterilite container and stick them in with my sister's danios, then. That sounds like the best option.

Would it be possible to leave my filter running on my empty tank if I "feed" the good bacteria with one of those 14-day feeder blocks? I know they're not great for fish, but could one keep my tank cycled?
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I don't think it would keep your tank cycled. The blocks sort of dissolve over time, but they're also meant to really only disintegrate as the fish gnaw at them for food. I don't think one would provide enough ammonia to keep a tank cycled. Instead, I would consider taking the filter home as well and running it on the danio tank to keep the filter cycled. Then, you should have no problem taking the fish and filter back to school, putting the filter back on your 5.5g, and putting the fish back in the tank.

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You could get one of the smaller automatic feeders and feed the tank flakes that would keep your tank cycled... just a thought.

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An auto feeder might do the trick, but it'd be much simpler, more reliable, and cheaper to just take the filter home. Oh, if you do take the filter home make sure the media stays wet. If the filter media (ceramic noodles, biowheel, foam, whatever) dries out the bacteria die. Best bet is during the move put the filter media in its own small container with a lid and fill it with tank water.

The filter doesn't put oxygen into the water. Oxygen naturally diffuses into the water from the atmosphere. What the filter does to help this is to agitate the surface of the water and encourage the exchange.

I'd have to do some research on whether or not your gouramis are hardy enough to withstand the ammonia swings from living in an unfiltered tank but like any fish I'd HIGHLY recommend against keeping them in an unfiltered tank. A filtered tank is much healthier for the fish and easier for you to maintain. No filter means the fish will be continuously exposed to ammonia and simply not have the kind of water quality to be at their best. Unfiltered tanks are time bombs waiting for the first time you can't clean them to kill whatever is living in them. Betta's get by in unfiltered tanks because they're tough as nails which is also their curse. Bettas can live 4+ years and many people who keep them in small, unfiltered bowls are amazed to hear they can live longer than a year. That should give you some idea on the consequences of running an unfiltered tank.

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