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Feeding the Bottomdwellers

What do you all do to make sure that your bottowdwellers get food? I have sinking tablets for my loaches, but the tetras and my angel just attack the food too and the loaches only get a little bit. any suggestions?


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I feed my tank on opposite sides at the same time, this way I know my loaches are getting their fair share. You might want to drop the food in for your angels and tetras first, on the one end, and as soon as they swim over that way, drop in the food for your loaches on the opposite end. This is what works for me in my tank. HTH.

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i use wafers for my plec and shrimps same kind of method as kymmie
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I use the small sinking pellets and feed my black ghost knife, featherfin catfish, and horsehead loach when the lights are out and everyone else is blind (pellets and frozen). Everyone else comes to the top.

It's literally impossible to feed the catfish enough in the daytime when everyone else can see.
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I feed my fish all at the same time: Everyday I use flake, algae wafer, crickets, black worms, and an omnivorous frozen food. Feeding everybody at the same time has allowed me to make sure everybody gets their fair share. Plus I hand feed a lot of my fish to make sure they get what they need.

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