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Does anybody know what is good to feed mbuna cichlids. I have heard to feed them flakes and pelets and brine shrimp but what about small feeder fish? Also what is a good flourecent bulb for them will aqua glow do good? Also what about the chems that you can put into the tank like ph 8.0 to keep it at a constant ph level? Does anybody know a good way to tell the difference between males and females for the mbuna cichlids?
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Don't feed your mbunas meaty foods. They're mainly vegetarians. Stick with limestones, crushed corals and seashells to increase your pH and KH. Ditch any chemicals designed to alter pH. Those are pure junks.

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It is better to leave the pH alone. Fish tend to adapt. They like a constant pH rather than one always bouncing all over the place from water changes and such. The less chemicals you add to your water, the better for all concerned. You may want to do a drip acclimation when adding fish to your water so they can adjust to your water a a slower pace.

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its a good practice to get them on dry food. there are pellets specially forulated for your fish, you just have to look around. i would highly suggest dainichi ultima. great food, and all my fish seem to love it
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