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I have a newly stocked tank with:

2 Male Dwarf Gourmis
3 Dalmation Mollies
8 Neon Tetras
4 RUmmy Nosed Tetras
4 Glow Light Tetras
6 Coryfish

I have a couple questions about feeding.

I feed flake food for all of the fish (except the corys). I'm new to this so I'm not sure how much to put in. I put just a pinch in and after about 30 seconds the filter caused all of the falkes to "snowfall" all around the aquarium. Is this normal or shouldthe flakes stay on the surface so the fish can "come up" and get them? The fish were eating some of it, but it seemed like most of it just ended up on the bottom. I plan on feeding every other day.

For the corys, I'm having a more serious problem with feeding. I bought algae wafers and broke up two pieces for the 6 to eat. They never seemed to find them. I waited about 20 minutes and then gravel vacced but the food wouldn't suck up into the vac so they are either still on the gravel or may have been eat (although I'm almost positive they were not eaten). Does it take time for the corys to figure out the algae wafers or am I doing something wrong? Also, here is an updated picture of my tank for anyone who cares!


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my fish were kinda stupid at first. it took awhile till they realized the food was at the top. if they arent eating the food within 10 min or so you are feeding them too much. i feed my cories shrimp pellets. as far as i know they wont touch the algae chips because they arent algae eating fish. that would be better for plecos and such. dont take my advice as expert advice however, im somewhat new to the hobby myself.

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event hough some bottom feeders "are fighting for food" dont put more or else youll have to pik them up and throw away after about 5 hours. either way. you can fast your fish so they dont become dependent on the food because in the real habitat they forage and stuff get me? 1-2wice a week is okay imo.

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