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this tank has been established for years, actually, ive been under feeding in the hopes that it will help, ill keep yalls posted

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Originally Posted by beetlebz View Post
they wont be an issue angel :)

the tank has been up around 2 years. originally housed 3 green severums, a krib, a common plec, and a school of tiger barbs and was perfect water quality, then the ammonia randomly shot up to 8ppm one day and everything but the blue gourami died over the course of several weeks, despite daily or every other day water changes.

with just the blues the water settled right out after a while. added the jack a couple months ago, and all was well. spiked a little bit but went back down to .25ppm in a couple days. added the royal pleco a few weeks later and again, small spike but went back down. last night my jack looked jet black, tested the water, and again its up to 4 or 5ppm. did a monster water change but what gives? when id di the water change i didnt pull alot of muck or uneaten food from the substrate.

could it be my filters? the two HOBs pads muck up fast, but i dont swish them until they start plugging up and sending water over the overflows. the canister i do only a couple times a year. could the muck in the filters be causing it?
Hi, you say you clean your canister filter every six months that in my opinion is where your problem lies. Canister filters don't remove debris from the tank like a skimmer does in a marine instead it traps it in the filter producing more and more amonia as the debris rots. I clean my filter every 5 days which may be overkill but 1 to 2 weeks is usually reccommended.
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keep in mind too that the mass majority of the mech filtration is handled by the two whisper style doubles. the pads get swished every 2 or 3 water changes to keep them flowing. the 110g was established for nearly a year with perfect water quality... it was after that, and suddenly that the ammonia spiked, with no changes to feeding habits or filter maintenance, or stocking for that matter. im leaning towards something with the tap water, but hopefully we will see an improvement in water conditions with a dramatic decrease in feedings.

oh, and the first time the 110g crashed, i was feeding every other day, just food for thought.

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welp, i think dan wins the new washer and dryer lol im not about to say that it was the same problem as last time it crashed but....

i shut down my eheim filter, and took the baskets out. the mech pad looked like crap, but was still flowing mega water. rinsed it, wrung it out... then almost against my better judgment i dunked the other 3 bio media baskets into the bucket of old tank water. let me tell you... that water turned BLACK instantly... and i did get some nasty chunkies out of the mech pad too. an extra swish to each, reinstall, and now a week later my tank is stable again!! ammonia is back down well under 1ppm, getting lower every day.

I have to wonder if the crash last time and the decline this time was all because of the gunk in the ehfisubstrat pro.

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