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empty 90 gallon....

i have an empty 90 galln tank...im looking for stocking and decor ideas...let em rip fellas! lol really wanna go planted but an kinda intimidated by it..i have no experience with it and hear it can be expensive and difficult

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keeping fish and plants can be as simple or as advanced as you want to go with it which makes the hobby so addictive atleast for me...

if you want to start a planted tank i highly advise you start small and simple, stay away from high maitnance plants and high light plants there is a list in the planted tank section of low light plants that you might wanna search for.

as far as fish go personally i recommend african cichlids for their color and ease of care only thing you gotta watch for is aggression which can be kept under control as long as you do your homework with em.

but im sure your going to get alot of hits with this as its a wide open topic and everyone has their opinions :D
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check out www.sweetaquatics.com they sell a lot of aquatic plants for aquariums and list the requirements each plant needs, level of difficulty of keeping them. check it out. start with swords, very easy to keep and there are a lot of variety
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Uh EMPTY 90g...that should be against the law...

Realistically our hobby can be as cheap or as expensive as you'll make it, also as simple or difficult as you make it.

To give you a good plant idea, try this search machine Plant Finder - Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants
Select 'Low' light and for Hardiness 'easy' and everything else mark 'unknown' and just look through what you like a good place to give you price ideas for what you like is here Sweet Aquatics

Or leave the plants and create a awesome rocky home for some nice big sized cichlids.
Or set up with plants and have a bunch or very large schools of schooling fish.

Or or or...what do you already have in your other tank?

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Hey I was intimidated too before I got plants in there so I decided to start slow. Since I now cannot envision my tank without real plants - they look so much better than the fakes ones and serve a few purposes as well - I suggest you get plants that are easy, nice looking and fast-growing.

Hygrophila Polysperma and Hygrophila Difformis are currently the two plants I have im my tank and I love the look of both. These don't need any special substrate and will grow quickly enough to give your 90G tank the look of a fully planted tank in mere months - just keep cutting and replanting shoots and voila! You'll have a fully planted tank before long. Get a common fertilizer just to make sure the plants get the iron they need on a bi-weekly basis and you're set (I use Nutrafin Plant-Gro and it does the trick). Buy 3 Hygrohilas for 3$ each and that will fill your tank in a matter of months!

I tried hornwort too - which turned out to be the easiest of all although you need to anchor it (or let it float) because it litterally has no roots. This one grew an average of 1 inch per day in my 32G! Pruning it wasn't a problem but it tends to be a bit of a bother because it sheds needles like crazy and tends to trap waste quite a bit which soon makes for an unattractive display.
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