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elephant nose and knife fish

so i have pretty much all i need for my 55 planted now. all i need is to get fish together. i went to my lfs (aquarium adventure) if any of you have heard of them, and i was looking at fish. i saw that they had many types of knife fish elephant nose's and lots and LOTS of loaches. my question is can i put knife fish, elephant nose fish, loaches and tetras together in a 55 planted?

Filtration: marineland 350 bio wheel
Lighting: x2 6700 Kelven 15 watt T8 bulb
Ph: around 7
Substrate: Sand
Plants: lots of dwarf hairglass and swords
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most knifefish get over a foot long and are predatory...You would need to upgrade in the future to a larger tank and knifefish are predatory, they will eat your tetras......Depending on the species of loaches, they might work in a 55, but if your looking at clown loaches, i would say no to them in a 55, plus they like to be in smal shoals......Their are other smaller loaches that could be kept in a 55, but i will let other members make suggsetions.....My loach experience is very limited
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hmm so there arent any non predatory knifes?
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ghosts knifes cannot be kept with neons...the following video is from another universe where all beings practice peace and tranquility...or maybe you can raise them from babies in a community tank (55g) and don't let them get too hungry...one of the two...

here and here (he's huge)

I have a baby (about 5 inches long) in my tank with 2 ghost and 3 neons for about a month now...no problems yet. He went without eating the first day too.
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well my lfs doesnt really have them smaller than 5 inches so i guess im not gunna be able to get him or..... what if i scrap the tetra idea and get knifs and oscars? and yes i am aware that oscars can get very large.
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The oscars will not be kind to your planted tank idea. Also be aware Knife fish are noctural so don't expect it to be out in the day a lot. They hunt using electrical impulses, keeping them with other fish that do the same will cause them to become aggressive due to the interference of the impulses.

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The oscars alone would need the 55 to themselves. Then the knife would need 75 gallon minimum preferably a 90 gallon. But oscars are really awesome so you could always go with them.

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i would do one oscar like above.
i heard they have great personalities and are very friendly.
almost like having a dog, without the allgeries :P
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yea ive had a oscar in a 55 before a few years back he actually grew to about 10 inches and had the redish orange pattern and man i never knew how much personality he had but then again he broke three ehaters always knockedover rocks plants and would eat anyother fish i tryed to put inthere with hiom. but idk i want a great tank with lots of color and personality. i know for a fact i want a elephant nose those guys are so awsome.
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From what i have read and heard from bgk they are really not a 'small tank' fish, as has been said already they are predatory, i got one at about 2inches by the time he was just 4inches i could no longer keep tetra's or guppies in my tank, luckily i was able to rehome himbefore things got out of hand. They also use sonar so if your tank is too small for them they get stressed out and die.

I have never kept an oscar but everytime i see anything about one its always good, think i might make that my next fish i get lol...

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