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Originally Posted by fashionfobie View Post
@ Sanguinefox That would be cool! It would be nice to see bichirs in a well cared for tank. Sometimes I see them in the most pitiful situation and it makes me sad.

What I love with my kuhli loaches is finding them hanging out all over plants in goofy places always with a buddy. I also love seeing a tail sticking out of a rock look to the other side and see their whiskers. They are very friendly and physical fish always hanging out. The more the merrier. Some people don't see them around much, but mine are always about. I think the live plants and my rock caves make a big difference. :)
I've got three of them in a 150 right now. Ornate, a female senegalus, and a juvenile albino sen and he's a bit handicapped (doesn't slow him down though the pig).

The Ornate is becoming really bossy so I want to separate them out. Two sens can share that space in the tank they are going into easy enough, and I'm sure the Ornate will be pleased as all to have the bottom mostly to herself. I do agree though, it's sad how larger fish like Bichirs (and eels) tend to be stuffed into truly pitiful conditions (and often overcrowded too). They (the bichirs and the FW eels) look amazing as centerpiece fish, and a healthy ornate can take your breath away when it comes out for air.

Ever see a big adult Fire Eel in a good home? It's amazing:
This has got to be one of my favorite videos involving a FW eel. I love how with the FW eels you can actually work with them to get them to eat right out of your hand. That's got to be a surreal experience to share that kind of interaction. *Worth nothing that getting any eel to eat right out of your hand takes patience and you do have to start when they are young. And no hat's not my fish, I wish it were, he's so darling.

Haha, Loaches are always so sweet to see goofing around in a tank. Sleep wherever, and always into everyone's faces.

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Thanks for the 2nd great vid. That is awesome that his eel is so tame. What an experience!



Mes poissons! Oui, je les adore.

Fish dork!
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For a 56g tank I would stick with peacock eels. Also strongly recommend sand for them or loaches. It really does make an enormous difference.

Edit: Should mention that it's not uncommon for eels to refuse processed or even frozen food so be prepared to feed live. I've never seen any of the eels I've had eat anything other then earthworms, which I have to cut up. Granted I had 4 eels for nearly 6 months and I thought one had jumped out of the tank the night I got them, so went 6 months thinking there was only 3 in there. Which reminds me.. eels jump so make sure tank is completely covered.

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Even with the Neons? ( Theyre full grown)
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Sorry right... I think even a peacock eel would eventually be capable of eating a full grown neon. Especially since neons often just kind of hover presenting an easy target.
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Well i just found 3 that got sucked half way into my filter.. Now completely depressed.. Im not sure how to prevent that..
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Do you have any caves or something? They may have tried swimming up there to hide.
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You mean into my filter to hide?
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More plants then caves. Theyve been in there for 3 weeks and no problem, im not sure what happened :/
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