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This is a discussion on Dying RAMs - males within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by chrisparypa you know its just a weird... cuz I was trying to get fishes fom different locations and the distance is ...

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Originally Posted by chrisparypa View Post
you know its just a weird... cuz I was trying to get fishes fom different locations and the distance is 300 miles :) so I believe they had different distributors... and even that every Male is gone after no more than week.... Is it possible that Female is got something with that ?? She looks like she liked every one I had so far :) she is kind of biting them but this is not like snapping a fins or something its more like lets make a conversation you "new fish" cuz u look almost like me.... anyway any of those guys had wounds or fins snapped....
Are you transporting these fish any considerable distance or are you having fish shipped to your house? I ask this because you mention 300 miles. This is a long way for fish to travel in bag of water that may allow ammonia and nitrites to become an issue. How long are the fish in the store tanks before you purchase them? Sometimes fish that have just arrived at store, have been under considerable stress due to shipping and acclimation from shipping water ,to store tanks water,and then to your water. I might want to wait a week after fish have arrived at the store before purchasing them to allow them to adapt to the water changes a little.
Drip acclimation would be my method of acclimating these sensitive fish to my aquarium(s).
The aquarium should be well established, with no fluctuations in pH,and CO2 (if used) .And I would not use any pH altering powders which might only produce desired results temporarily. Temperature for these fish is critical in my opinion and from my own expierience with them.,,82 degrees F is the minimum ,with 84 to 86 degrees even better. Lower temps than these and it could have negative effect on these warm water fishes metabolisim which in turn,may weaken the capability of the fishes immune system.
Tannins from driftwood would not have negative effect I don't believe and so long as wood has not been collected recently from areas of possible contaminant's (chemicals,pesticides,fertilizers) I would not think it to be a problem.
These fish especially when young,,are notoriously difficult and much of it in my view,is due to practices with those who import them and the difficulty as a result,in finding Qualtiy specimens. Add to this the stress of shipping across countries,and the acclimating stress they endure to perhaps several times,and MANY succumb.
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