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Yeah, its good sand from what i read - though finer -and EVERYWHERE it says when you fill you tank expect it to be cloudier than using other sand slike play sand. HA! HA! MAYBE the LAZY people need to clean their sand as many times as me.........and it'll LOOK like crytal 2 secs after filling like mine did! HA!


And i'm hoping they will work out. i have a dwarf one in the other tank that never got going........so im hoping for more luck this time........else i'll have to switch out to something like Jes's crypt spirallis!

can you not just unwrap it off the bamboo? OR is it not growing anywhere in the wild there?!!?

32 hours to puffers!!!!!!!
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Hm, maybe...I don't know. It looks rooted to it...That's definitely something to think about.
And nyehhh :p I haven't found mosses here, which is a bummer. I'm hoping I can get a canoe sometime this summer so I can go out deeper in the river for plants.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR PUFFERS. I really hope they like their new home! :D
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So am I! He's getting 10 in!!!! I'm going for 3. But 4 is soooooo tempting!!!
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I hope your vals take off for you this time! Mine did. . . okay. . . for a long time, it had loads of runners, and it grew - it just was never right. I don't know how to explain it. I ended up yanking most of it after an algae bloom caused by a massive power-out, and it never recovered. Gorgeous plant, though I now love my crypt way more!

Jen. . .bamboo?!! That's one of the oddest things I've ever heard! Anyway, even if it IS root into. . . whatever, you can just pull it off - it's easy to do. Even if some of the strands break, in my experience with moss, that doesn't really matter :)

25 (or so) hours and counting!!! :D SO exciting! I can't wait for those little uns!
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I had Jungle Val in my 55 gallon and it grew like a weed!! They got huge!!!! Like to the point that they covered the top from one end of the tank to the other! They do better in harder water Jes. So not sure what your hardness is but am thinking its softer then mine. So that might explain why yours didn't do as well.
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Well congrats on getting you tank planted. It will look great once it fills in and you get the additional plans you are talking about. Vals are one of my favorite plants also and I am planning on placing some in my 75 with cichlids. From reading looks like tomorrow is Puffer-Day! like others I am so Jealous.
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It is! I'm on countdown! 18 hours to puffers! Haha.

I know, looks ok right now, but will be much better once it fills in, I moss the wood, and find something short I want for the front couple of inches. There enough I hope to keep them busy in there till it's finished though...got the wknd to sort it out though!

Just wish I had room to bring all 10 of them home!!!
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I can't wait until they get there! You're going to have so much fun with those little cuties :) That wood will look fantastic covered in moss, too. . .
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Yeah it was a toss up on the twisted piece of wood on the left too. I have a much bigger, maybe 7/8 inch L 3" W 3" slightly curved flatter piece that I was going too put in but decided for more plants instead. Might Changet later.... hope they do look good covered in the java moss though! Not looking forward to tying it all on with thread!!!

15 and half hours! Lol
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Are you going to take the wood out when you put the moss on or just do it inside the tank? Can you just like...shove pieces of moss into the cracks? That sounds like such a pain to sit and tie it all on xD

Woo! 14 and a half hour or so! :D
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