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I'm not quite sure tbh. But I think I might sack it off and buy proper led strip for aquarium. New thread about it, just waiting for some replies there.
Only lost one lower leaf though. Hard to guage as not the fastest growing with no co2 etc, trying to watch the new growth it had before I got it.
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Just back from the LFS now that the car is back from the garage 4 days later and got lots of new plants for before the puffers get here! Only 38 hours to go till puffers!!!

Picked up;
Hygrophila guanensis
ludwiga palustris red
hygrophila polysperma
2 x cryptocoryne beckettii

to go with the lonely ludwiga glandulosa that was in there.

Got the whole night now to get this tank ready for the puffers.......
lets see what i can work up

Pics later
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WOO. So excited for pics!!
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Ok... here goes.....
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 20130114_204835.jpg (61.9 KB, 39 views)
File Type: jpg 20130114_204846.jpg (62.4 KB, 39 views)
File Type: jpg 20130114_204914.jpg (55.3 KB, 38 views)
File Type: jpg 20130114_204949.jpg (74.0 KB, 39 views)
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Ok, so there it is. I've obviously gone for a stemmy foresty kinda looky thingy


Positives/negatives both!!! I can take the truth!

This is obv for my dwarf puffers and so i want whats best for them!
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I am officially jealous. . .ASIDE from the fact that you're getting PUFFERS, which I adore. . . YOU GET TO SHOP AT MAIDENHEAD AQUATICS!!! I'd kill to live anywhere near that shop - I've read/seen/heard all sorts of fantastic things about thatplace. You are one lucky dude, Nile, I hope you know that. . .

Best of luck with the tank setup - You mentioned on another thread that you were off to plant . . . something. . . earlier - was it this tank? What did you put in?!! I can't wait to watch this tank grow :) Good luck!
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Yeah i do love maidenhead PLUS friend from the past works there too which is uber handy!
Spent 2 and a half hours there tonight chatting to him, and one of the owners that came in......he was awesome too.......so much knowledge and love for it which was nice to see!

And yes Jes, it was this tank, till about 2 hours ago, it was bare. Pics are above

Only thing i'm wondering, is i didnt plant right to the front as im wondering whether to put some hairgrass or something similar in.....

PLUS i NEED opinions on it!!!!!!!
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HAHA! I must have been typing when you posted those pics - they were NOT there when I scrolled through, lol. . . lemme see. . .

Hrm, iif you're running low/medium light, hairgrass or any type of 'carpeting' plant isn't really going to work for you. Look into Pygmy Chain Sword (echinodorus tenellus) or Dwarf Sagittaria, both of these will eventually fill in and give you a similar . . . sort of. . . appearance. Not exactly as grassy as the DHG would be, but I like the look - definitely more junglish, lol.

For now, you're looking to divide the Puffer's line of sight, so you may want to leave things spread out just as they are, but in my opinion, Elodea looks better when it's grown closer together, in more of a bunch. You'll find that Pondweed does grow like weeds, though - so you'll have enough of it to do that with in a fairly short amount of time if it likes your tank. :)

Is that two pieces of driftwood off to the left of the tank? If so, I'd probably separate them, maybe move one so that it's a bit behind some plants to give more of a natural feel, and if you can find some Java Fern to attach to the wood, that would be beautiful, and work well in this setup. . .

All in all, the tank is off to a good start! I like it a lot, and as things grow in and out, you'll probably want to shift things around a bit, but for now, HUZZAH FOR PLANTS! I'm so excited now to watch it grow, grow, grow!

Puffers. . . are coming. . . TOMORROW!!???? *SQUEEEEE* Gah, I can't wait! Been watching Boredom's tank for ages - such lovely little fish. One day I WILL have one!!! Keep us posted, pretty please!!!
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I will do!!! Yes i know once it starts to fill in, it will be different and need changing.......

No.....its one piece of wood.....he has ordered me java moss......which i intend to cover it on by thursday as he had run out. Want this as this is what they breed on

Fish will be picked up wed morning- shop opens at 9. I'll be there at 8!!!

I like the wood on the left too. looks better in RL....its gnarly and twisted!!! lol

AS for the elodea....it was simply bought to fill spaces between the stems as has a MUCH lower light requirement than most of them......whci is a prob till friday for me- i tried some NON aquarium LEDs just to try it with one plant... not going to work i dont think- worth an experiment though........so im about to order this for the tank;

High Quality LED aquarium fish tank lighting tube, white, blue and UV UVGI | eBay

This should be MUCH better and should hopefully meet the requirements needed! If not, well i'll have to try again and probably revert to T5's. Just really wanted to try LEDs with this tank as a learning curve with them.

The layout was for that......breaking line of sight...which it does now...but will obviouslt much better once the plants all fill out etc!

THANKS for the opinions etc!!!
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I'm loving those crypts. I would totally get more and just fill it with those, :p They are really pretty.

I'm loving the tank though, that driftwood is really pretty. Only thing I would do is maybe bunch the anacharis in that back corner, after everything fills in. Those plants are gorgeous though, I'm so jealous you can get such healthy ones!
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