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So did you end up getting four?!

I think it's amazing that you actually got to have a chat with the supplier. How cool is that?! Good for you! I'm not sure if I'm MORE jealous about that, or that you got the PuffPuffs to begin with!

The tank looks great, and I'm totally putting in a vote for loads of C.becketti - beautiful plant, and Crypts are just wonderful IMO. The moss has REALLY brought that DW to live in short order. Beautiful!!1

Congratulations!!! Keep us posted!
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Thanks chesh, and sookie

I will be doing dont worry, going to keep this going with lots of pics

I THINK they've eaten too, as i had a few TINY apple snails on the glass this morning, im talking like 0.5mm and i dont see them no more! lol

They are so pretty! And starting to really explore the tank! so sad i have to go to work in 30mins Though thats the price of getting them this morning!

Well, the supplier said at that age and tank size and way its planted and will grow, to get 5/6 So, erm..... 5

If that doesnt work out they said they'd refund the price etc and least this way i can end up with the m/f ratio i want.
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Totally obsessed with my puffers! Flicking through the pics whilst I'm at work.... lol
I need a web cam on my tanks like Canadian fish has!
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They're SO sweet! Adorable little buggers, truly. And yeah - since they're impossible to sex young, that's a good way of doing things. But *MY* guess is, by the time you figure out what their genders are, etc. or run into problems with them, you just *might* be so attached to them that you'll end up setting up another tank to home them in, rather than returning the little buggers. I know I would *giggle* I'm TERRIBLE for becoming super attached to all of my fish. Once they get names, it's all over. . .

Can't wait to hear/see how they're doing this evening, bummer that you couldn't call off work because you got new fish, lol! I guess that'd be something the bosses wouldn't really understand - or appreciate! Unless you work in a fish shop, maybe...
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Haha unfortunately not! I mentioned to the owner of maidenhead today that I wouldn't mind doing it. Think I'd prob want to learn as much as I could then quit though - before it ruined my tanks at home....

And I know, I won't even be able to see them later Probs

Edit: 1 999 posts chesh. Cool/committed!
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Nilet how many did you end up getting??

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2 more than the 3 I had intended...
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I can't get over how squishy and cute they are! You should name them Squishy, Squiggly, Squirmy, Puffy, and Squee. >:P They are just adorable little guys. What are you going to feed them?

And that is SO COOL you got to talk to the supplier! I am so jealous! And him going all over the world to collect fish...? THAT'S A JOB?! I am SO JEALOUS.

The driftwood does look gorgeous with that moss on it, it's truly lovely looking!
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Yay Jen been looking forward to your reaction!!! Haha.

And omg...I love them names haha. But no Jen. I'm a manly man. I can't name my fish that! Haha.

Well they appear to have fed themselves on the super small apple snails that were on the glass and snails will be a good part of the diet, but lots of live worms etc too. Maybe some frozen mixed in IF they'll take it. Haven't got the food yet as lfs gets live food in tomorrow! But they gave me a bag of snails free. Lol

Yeah his job is awesome...the lfs owner showed me his pics of wild Papua new guinea boesemanis that he paid like $75 per baby for. The colours. Oh god the colours!!! He said he might go back - the supplier - there on another trip soon.....I want! Lol

But for now...omg the puffers! Haha
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ROFL!!! I'm gonna second a vote for Squee. C'mon. Just ONE?!!
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