dwarf gourami tankmate
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dwarf gourami tankmate

This is a discussion on dwarf gourami tankmate within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Can I add 2 dwarf gouramies with 2 kiss and some scalares? Thanks...

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dwarf gourami tankmate
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Question dwarf gourami tankmate

Can I add 2 dwarf gouramies with 2 kiss and some scalares? Thanks
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Originally Posted by broujos View Post
Can I add 2 dwarf gouramies with 2 kiss and some scalares? Thanks

If you are still talking bout 50 gal tank, No the Kissing Gourami would grow too large.
Many of the Dwarf gourami are prone to Viral infections (See Dwarf gourami disease) which are said to be untreatable,possibly infectious,and usually result in death.
Honey gourami might be option for your tank, They stay relatively small, and aren't as prone to disease.
Single Pearl gourami might also work depending on number's of Angelfish.
Do keep in mind that nearly all Gourami are a bit territorial, so placing more than one or two in large tank, can often result in one or more getting picked on for there is not enough surface area available for them each to have their own space.
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I would say no to the gourami and angel fish. One or the other.

What size is your tank? Length and volume?
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