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would you guy recommend using driftwood from the ocean? is there any recommended types of driftwood to use, if you can figure out which is which?
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Originally Posted by kfletch99 View Post
would you guy recommend using driftwood from the ocean? is there any recommended types of driftwood to use, if you can figure out which is which?

A few members here suggested I stay away from the Mopani Driftwood. Since I had already bought several pieces, I used some of them. All but one piece started growing fungus (as I was warned might happen) even after boiling for several hours. As beautiful as the shapes and colors were, all of the Mopani I had in my aquarium went in the trash, the unused wood was returned for a refund.

The same forum members suggested I might be happier with Malaysian Driftwood. I bought one piece, no boiling but did soak it for a week doing daily (dechlorinated) water changes and I'm happy with it.

As far as using driftwood from the ocean? I'll defer that question to someone more knowledgeable. My knee jerk reaction is, there will be all kinds of micro "stuff" living on and in it so at the very least I would boil it.....if I were to use it at all, which I'm not sure I would.

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I would avoid ocean wood, it will have absorbed salt and this may or may not easily come out with boiling/baking. Freshwater wood would be better.

There is still the issue of parasites, chemicals and other toxins. But many, including me, have used wood from freshwater lakes and rivers. Make sure it is hard and firm; wood like oak and beech is best, and you should always avoid softwoods and all conifer wood. Boiling will usually deal with parasites. And if the collection site does not show evidence of chemical spills (oil, pesticides, etc) it may be safe. Keeping it in a tank of water (at normal tropical fish temp) for a couple weeks before placing it in the fish display is recommended.

When all is said and done, wood purchased from a fish store is usually more reliably safe. I also use the Malaysian driftwood and have had no issues to date, and I have a lot of it in my 7 tanks.


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thank you very much i think i will purchase some driftwood tommorrow
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I use Mopani. I had boiled it for a few hours before I put it in. It grew a little bit of fungus after about 6 months. I just scrubbed it off and put it back in. I really like it.

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All but one piece of my Mopani grew fungus after only 2-3 days in my tank and that was after boiling it, with water changes for at least 3 hours....boil for an hour, drain, reheat water to boil, boil an hour, drain...you get the idea lol
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