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doing my head in but realy wanna keep fish help......

had my tank for nearly 3 months now cycled after 2 weeks brought a betta everything seamed perfect then brought a 5 neon tetras and a clown loach also a red tail shark then my tank got white spot treated with anti white spot lost 1 tetra then another 2 then got my tank back to norm then lost my remaining tetras and my red tail thought id lost my clown but found him in the ship wreck half the size he was no joke he shrank my ammonia was a tad high but nitrite and nitrate levels perfect i brought 3 plaites that do nothing but poo never seen poo so long on fish anyway got my levels back yo normal and brought another red tail and clown put them both in the tank the right way and found my new clown had white spot turned the heat up and treated them all with white spot think im slowly running out of patients cos my ammonia has gone throu the chart and nitrite and nitrate are perfect any advice is welcome and needed
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Welcome tot he Forum!

Ick meds (white spots) are administered at half does if dealing with Tetra, as they're real sensitive fish, the full dose was simply too much for them.

Platy not only digest a lot, they also have a LOT baby's which can quickly outcrowd your tank, but i'm hoping in your case the others will eat them for snacks.

What size tank are you having there?

If you have ammonia present now, for one I'd suggest a good size water exchange. Two that means you tank either wasn't really cycled when you thought it was and/ or it is re-cycling again now, so several larger w/c may be ahead of you.

Ick is present everywhere, if fish are stressed (with transport home, with NO peaks or Ammonia peaks or by tank mates) this then can easily break out. A well maintained tank is less to be affected.

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At places like the Sally Anne and Value Village, you can pick up used aquarium and kit on a dime. I just bought a ten gallon aquarium and stuff for $10. I bought this aquarium to use as a quarantine tank. Just keep dropping into these "second hand" stores and you'll find some great values for aquariums.

You would be better off quarantining your new fish before they are introduced into your "established" tank. Quarantine should last about 21 days/3 weeks.
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