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Does anyone have extra tanks just waiting to be set up?

Is such a bad habit. You find people to give you a spare tank and you take it thinking it saves you money if you decide to set it up at some point. Well, it does save some money, but the tank is usually the cheapest component!

My friend gave me a brand new 20 long and I'd love to transfer my 10 gallon to it, but I have no room! I currently have the 10 on an Ike's desk and the 20 would fit, but I dunno about the weight. I have been looking into salt water as well and my friend really wants me to do a nano as he used to have one that went very well. I know a larger tank to start would be Better but no room! Oh I need a house so bad

So that's now in my parents garage, and my boss may give me his two old 30 gallons, withs stands and all equipment! It's torture!

Does anyone else have spare tanks around their house just waiting to be setup? If so, what would you like to stock?
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i have a 30L, tank and gravel, and nothing else, nor the place to put it. have ideas for it but sometimes putting that in motion is another story
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Having spare tanks has gotten me into trouble before. I went into petsmart for a regular supplies run and came out with 2 bettas. I only allowed myself to do that because I knew I had a spare 10 gal tank, stand, gravel, heater and filter. Now the only thing I'm really lacking is space. My house is a mini aquarium!

Lucky for me I have no spare solid (they're old and have leaks) tanks around, but that also means I don't have a hospital tank. I really should fix that...


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LoL spare tanks laying round. I have a 55 gallon, a 40B, a 29 gallon, and a 10gallon. Have filters for the 29 and the 10 but only have a lights for the 10 gallon. Hey come to think of it I have everything I need to setup the 10 except for a stand....hmmmm. Well the one I really want to get going is the 40B just don't have anything for it other then the tank LoL
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2 of my 3 tanks are on hold for the moment, does that count? Its so frustrating waiting for that piece to fall in line so you can proceed, ugh! Its probably the exact same feeling as having an empty staring at you but not being able to do anything about it.

I'd like to personally applaud anyone who has the restraint to keep an empty tank empty, or a hospital/quarantine tank running for its intended purpose. I don't know how you do it!

"My dither fish need dither fish!"
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oh dear yes i do,and everything to run them too
simply because i used to give things away,or lend and they never came back,
so now i keep it all,i keep from setting them up because there is no room exactly,
and i don't see the point in setting up a tank and putting it into a room i don't use,
so they're tucked away in the shed.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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i have a shed full of tanks too at my parents house. i also have a monster tank there that wouldnt fit the shed. i believe it was 400-500 gallons at one point, but it was cut in half ( top to bottom not side to side, making it more shallow )

when i can afford a house of my own one day i would like to use it as a frag tank but its acrylic and needs a good buffing, and a big area to put it. maybe in my basement, but i may settle for setting up a bunch of smaller tanks connected instead of one larger one.
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My friends neighbor is big into fish. He has a 500 gallon sump in his basement that goes to a huge salt water in the living room. He also has several large Fresh water tanks set up. In his basement and up for grabs he has about 10 tanks ranging from 20 gallon up to 125. I was tempted to take the 125 but like you said, the tank is just the beginning. I thought about trading in a 60 gallon for the 125 and just keeping the fish I have. Let's face it, the fish would LOVE more room to swim without adding any more tank mates.

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isnt it crazy how the tank really is just the start? as well as one of the cheaper things you need to start with ( esp. when getting tanks free or even cheaper used )

then you can always have low iron glass, beveled edges ( think thats the term ) a better filter, lights, more expensive fish, a bigger tank, better wood on your stand, and this list can never end, esp once you set up a saltwater tank.
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I probably would have a problem if I wasn't so tight fisted with my money. I'm constantly thinking about trying different set ups, see a picture for a particular fish I'd really like to have, then realize it wouldn't work with what I already have. So then I start thinking about a new tank for it... and it always comes down to money (and of course space).

You can get the tank for cheap, real cheap sometimes particularly when Petco lets you walk away with a 55g for $55. But then you put in gravel, plants, filter, hood, lights, and of course the fish themselves and suddenly you are at a few hundred bucks.

I'm holding out, barely, because I have plans for a 120g that will be centered around Angelfish (thinking about 8 of them). I have a stand planned out to build, spot picked out for it, and funds budgeted. I just need to get my floors worked on (carpet removed, hardwoods refinished) before getting it all together. There is no way I'd want to set up a 120g just to have to move it later to get the floors taken care of. Once that tank gets set up, it will never move again (I hope).

Then my desk at work is just itching for a 5.5 gallon (or heck, maybe a 10g)...
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