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Post do you see any problems with my setup?

Tank a)

60 L with Platy pair, 3 zebra danios and one Chinese Algea Eater ( don't worry, got something ready for when he gets bigger). lightly planted and lightly decorated. 1 large hood filter
temp. 26
PH 7.6
RunTime: 2.5 years

Tank b)

50-55 L with 1 Bristtlenose Pleco and hopefully some small cichlids or Butterfly Cichlids. moderately planted and moderatly decorated. 2 filters.
temp. 27
PH 7.5
RunTime: 2 weeks
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That's a 13 and 15g tanks there....
The Platy pair....yea that'll soon be a platy gang then; I'd pers only get males. The Zebra's are super active and would need some more swimming room then that and ideally are kept in groups (like 8+).
The CAE you already obviously know the issue about size; just also watch for the aggression matter there.

Why so shy on plants if I may ask?

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yes, i agree on the danios needing more space. planning on getting another tank for them.
local pet shop selling a 70 L tank which is about 3 foot long for $70 au, sounds like a good deal to me, but do you think its big enough for danios?

as for the plants i've already forgotten what most of them are, i think i've got a lilli, some giant ambulia, some kind of ivy and a small sword. sorry but i can't name them all.
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Three feet would definitely be good for danios. They'd love the room, and you could have a whole mess of them in there.

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