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Do you own a 300 gal tank?

I am days away from ordering a 300 gal tank. My question is:
I heard Acrylic tanks are stronger than glass tanks, so am looking at one of those since one of my fish is a tank buster (Pacu) but my concern is the top. As there seems to be 4 square holes in the middle of the tank, Is this harder to get into the tank for cleans ect, as glass tanks are completely open, but the lids lift close to the edge of the tanks ?
I would also like to build a hood for the cop of the tank, would this be possible with this type of tank ?
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I would go with glass
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Why would you rather go with the glass?
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I don't own a 300 gallon, but recently purchased a 120 gallon tank. Before I did, I also contemplated going with acrylic. Pound for pound, it is stronger and lighter than glass, and comes in more "exotic shapes" than glass tanks do. However, what concerned me most about acrylic was the fear of scratching it, and the difficulty cleaning it (razor blade scrapers are forbidden!). And the exotic shapes I loved so much generally do not give enough surface area at the top for proper gas exchange.

So, after doing some research and talking to people, I went with a glass, 120 gallon Oceanic Tech Tank, and so far no regrets......

Hope this helps


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There are a good number of aquarists that choose Acrylic, then wish they had chosen Glass down the road. This is generally not the case with Glass tank owners. Very few keepers actually regret having purchased glass. There are a number of benefits to Acrylic including increased strength, increased clarity, reduced weight, seamless appearance, and option for exotic tank shapes. The downfall to acrylic, as indicated above, is their susceptibility to scratching. Commercial scrapers and scrubbers are likely to cause damage, so cleaning the tank becomes especially difficult to accomplish safely. Scratches can be removed via buffing, however the tank will not retain the same clarity after being buffed out. Sadly this one pitfall often overshadows all of the benefits an acrylic tank possesses.

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glass rocks especially glass on glass
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I have no experience with glass tanks over 55gallons but i'm about to pick up a 135gal glass tank and I'm scared i could easily break it by loading it down with 200lbs+ of live rock, plus sand and possibly corals.

Acrylic is more clear than glass! It has to do with light refraction. I have a 110gallon acrylic tank and the biggest mistake i made was getting gravel that had some magnetism to it, when i used the magnetic cleaner it picked up the gravel and scratched the crap out of the tank. I'm scared to even use a repair kit on it for the exact reason posted above, 1. its not going to be as clear around the scratch and 2. i could end up doing more damage than whats already done.

I can't wait to sell the acrylic and get the glass tank, acrylic is over rated in my humble opinion.

I hope to gain a lot of knowledge here as i just joined the site and am overly excited about building my first real saltwater tank. I'd like to turn it into a reef tank someday!
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