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Posts split and move into another forum. We're getting beyond offtopic discussions already.

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fish names

My girl friend named them. She made me name the Severm. I only know they are from video games.
Discus:Zell, Yuna and Tidus. Cory's: Lock, Shock and Barrel, Pain and Panic.
Betta: Flippy (nephews-we are baby sitting). Angels: King Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald and Kopu. Pleco-Plucky (gold nugget). Haplo Cat fich: Cat Sith. Severm: Kurt and Goldie.
She has more names so I have to get more fish...
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My Clown pleco is Mr. Pleakly. The Bulldog is Jumbaa. I suppose if I get a full sized pleco at some point it will be Gantuu.

My four sterbas and one leopard cory are Dewey, Cheetham, Bilke, Howe, and Lipschitz (five bottom feeders.)

My male guppy is Horndog, one female with a tail like an Italian flag is Isabella. One of the other females is Freckle. I've had other guppies that I named: Jeannie, Yellowtail, Speckle (mother of Freckle), and Tomato Butt, who have all since become turtle food.

My Male Pearl Gourami is Timothy (Leeri).

My banjo cats were Cletus and Jethro (Swirly the turtle got Cletus).

I'm holding off on naming my bristlenosed plecos until the can be sexed.

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my to gold gouramis are roco and scarface
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names are good, every one and every thing should have a name!!!
i have got another clown loach and he is called trigger to go with the other called tigger!!!!

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I call my fish by their "Hello little Guppy," or "Good night Molly".... but my snail's name is Goliath.
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Oh, tophatt, it's horrible that your turtle ate your beloved fishies! :o

My first fish was a calico fantail goldfish I called Freckle :P

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No i dont name my fish, but when i first started out with fish when i was 12 i did!
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Nothing wrong with naming fish, I name some of mine.

Take pride in what you do, for it is a reflection of who you are.

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Originally Posted by SKAustin
Nothing wrong with naming fish, I name some of mine.
Hiya, Steve. Glad to see you posting again.
What names do your fish have?
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