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Ive read some post about other people boiling rocks. I would never boil rocks. Just clean them thats all.

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OMG!!!! Guess what I was doing as I read this. Not anymore! Thanks for the heads up.
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One of the answer's may be sand stone. Looks like a rock, feels like a rock, tastes like a rock (just kidding on the tasting)...explode when heated. This is caused by the air pockets that are within the stone that you do not see. As most of us learned in science class what happens to air when heated? It expands, the air that is in most stones is infinitive, harmless, not enough to make a stone explode, still not a good choice to do so. But sand stone is a tad different, as sand contains minuscule amounts of air in them, and that the sand particles don't just mesh together perfectly leave air pockets within and through the stone. Not always a good way to tell, but one that may help is if you pick a stone up that looks like it should be heavier than it is, could contain a pocket of air, less mass, more air= lighter stone.

But then again I could be completely wrong. I just remember my father telling me this after I threw a rock into a camp fire when I was young and it exploded... I was 14 , and that was 25 years ago!
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I wouldn't boil or heat up the rocks. I have had a rock explode and hit me in the arm and burn me as a kid while sitting by a fire. "Do you smell what the rock is cookin"? lmao...
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Rocks Rocks and more Rocks

Hi everyone...
I already have a 75 gallon tank and a 30 gallon
I am in the process of getting my 120 gallon going
this week end I thought about going to purchase some
Rocks like the ones that I already have in my 75 gallon
Here is a picture of the Rocks can anyone Identify them
for me?
I did not purchase the Rocks so I am wondering what kind
of Rocks are they?

I was thinking about going to the local Landscaping yard
and pick us some Rock..
so if anyone has the names of the type of Rock that I have
PLEASE let me know .
or if you have any other ideas of other Rocks..... I am all ears.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg 75 gallon Rocks a.JPG (91.6 KB, 96 views)
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I understand which rocks you are including in this. My question is have you heard of problems by boiling the tiny colored gravel?

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I've boiled rocks before, and on one occasion I had pieces of stone flying around my kitchen. The mirror behind the stove was destroyed and my cat had to have an emergency trip to the Vet.

Never doing that again.
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I think it is safe to say that rocks DO explode. Probibly more so for fish hobbiest who have greater cause to boil rocks then your average every day person haha. Anyways I thought I would also mention that you need to be extra carful with your rocks that you find laying around, especially around cuts in the road, or any state owned property, or farm land. A lot of rocks around where I live are covered with pesticides, and I can't imagine that those would be to great to introduce to your aquarium life. I use the bleach and soak method my self.

I run the bathtub and poor in some bleach (with plenty of ventilation) and let it soak for about an hour. Then I drain, rinse, and soak over night. Rinse again, and place in the tanks. Just be sure everyone has taken there bath/shower before you start. Sometimes you can end up with angry girlfriends :S

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Rock from saltwater tank

I am converting from salt to fresh - 75g tank. I have live rock from salt - am thinking about "cooking" the rock in fresh water 20g container(aka plastic garbage can - where I stored my ROI water) for two weeks with pump & heater to keep rock at 70 deg f. Would this rock then be OK for use in new fresh tank ? Is there a better way to prep this rock for fresh ?
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Originally Posted by polishnlovingit View Post
I am converting from salt to fresh - 75g tank. I have live rock from salt - am thinking about "cooking" the rock in fresh water 20g container(aka plastic garbage can - where I stored my ROI water) for two weeks with pump & heater to keep rock at 70 deg f. Would this rock then be OK for use in new fresh tank ? Is there a better way to prep this rock for fresh ?
I would be cautious about using live rock, even if cooked, in freshwater. It's very porous and once algae gets on it it's gonna be a rough time cleaning that rough surface. I'd sell the live rock.

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